Terrible Breakup Texts That Will Make You Glad Were Not For You

The digital age. It has given us so many great things. Unfortunately, it has also given us a few bad ones. Like chain emails, internet trolls and, what concerns us today, break up texts. Instant messaging apps have made it infinitesimally easier to keep in contact with people who live far away without much difficulties.But … Read more

The Most Bizarre Human Modifications

Most people don’t like their bodies as they are. But some people took that dislike even further. And they decided to transform their bodies into their own strange piece of art. We gathered a few procedures that are totally real and that people around the world are performing on their selves. From extreme tattoos to … Read more

Tattoo Cover-Ups That Made Things Worse

They say love is forever but sometimes a tattoo lasts longer. If you want to show your love just buy some flowers or a ring, you will regret having you ex’s face painted forever on your chest. Some people should be banned from getting a tattoo. Check these hideous cover-ups. THE LIST wisgoon They say … Read more

20 People Who Show Us That Walmart Is Another World Entirely

When you enter Walmart, you feel as if you’ve traveled to a whole new dimension. Some of the craziest people are seen lurking the place. It looks like it has become an asylum for the weirdest and insane people on this planet. Take A Look. #1 She’s trying to increase her height up to 10 … Read more

Lucky People Who Avoided Disasters

If you felt very lucky once in your life after you see this list you will see what luck actually looks like. Cars, keys, dogs and even babies were saved sometimes by an inch on this pics! These people must be personally watched by god or protected by mother nature herself. You will learn to … Read more

Clever Messages From Roommates That Are Too Funny To Be True

Leaving our parents home for the first time (or the second, we don’t judge) is something challenging enough, and adding to that a roommate to the equation is also very stressful. These relationships can be complicated sometimes and even if we put our best efforts, it’s hard to attend everyone’s types of living and traditions … Read more

20 Car Owners That Had The Worst Day, And Just Had To Share

If you think a flat tire or a check engine light is the worst thing that could happen to your car, you couldn’t be further from the truth. And if you’re not convinced, today we have a collection of unfortunate car fails, that will make every car owner cringe. People over at the r/Wellthatsucks/ subreddit are sharing … Read more

Photos that will make you look twice.

The magic of photography has captivated millions of fans all over the world. Thanks to technology and the possibility to take a picture with your cell phone, a lot of people that started with this as a hobby developed a greater interest for this art, bought a nice camera and started with this passion. Thanks … Read more

Mysterious Photos That Still Don´t Have Any Explanation

A MAN The family took this photo of this woman before taking her to a nursing home and they say that there were no man behind her. But if having a ghostly man in the photo wasn’t enough, the woman claims that the man in the photo is her deceased husband.

Worst Tattoo Removal Disasters, Yuck!

#1 BUBBLE YUCK Apparently bad tattoo removal procedures, in addition to not removing tattoos, can cause the patient to develop large, painful blisters, as you can see on this guy’s arm. Hopefully they heal okay . . . #2 EPIC KELOID This keloid scar was the side effect of a laser tattoo removal procedure. Some … Read more