10 weirdest things confiscated by the TSA

How much time has any of us spent researching what we can and cannot travel with? Want to take bug repellent with you to have on hand when you land? You can only carry it in your carry-on bag if it contains less than 100ml. How about that bottle of booze you bought? There’re a lot of restrictions to what is allowed aboard an airplane, yet people are always trying to board with forbidden items. The US Transportation Security Administration has seen so many cases, they have opened their own Instagram. Here are the 50 weirdest items they have confiscated.



This passenger attempted to smuggle these live eels, along with 163 tropical fish and 22 invertebrates. He had hidden them in his bag, which he checked. He surrendered them to the US Fish and Wildlife Service.



These human skull remnants were found in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. While they were not actually a security threat, they did slow down the screening because the area became a crime scene. Luckily, the passengers had no idea what was inside the clay pots they had just purchased.



The owner of these batarangs could have saved himself a huge trouble if only he had checked them in his bag. Though cute, batarangs are still knives, and cannot be taken into the cabin of the airplane.



This novelty gun belt buckle was confiscated from a Los Angeles passenger. There is no problem with belts inside the plane, but when the buckle looks like a gun, well you know it won’t be allowed. Replica firearms aren’t allowed because they can cause alarm among the passengers.



This knife was confiscated at the Sonoma County Airport, in California. Knives are not allowed to enter the cabin of the airplane. Not even those that will be used to eat this delicious enchilada.



This cannonball and antique flare gun were found in 2012 in the Kahului Regional Airport in Hawaii. They may be antiques, but they are still considered weapons. Therefore, they cannot be carried on your carry-on bag.



I think this ninja has failed his test of stealth. These ninja climbing claws were found at the Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport, in Georgia. The next time ninjas fly, they should know that these claws can be packed in the checked bag, though not on the carry-on ones.