12 bathroom designs that are complete fails

Bathrooms are a big deal when you are trying to find your next home. They don’t really have to be the fanciest of spaces, but as long as they are classic, well maintained and functional it’s more than enough. Apparently, these people wouldn’t agree on this since they went out of their way to make these bathroom designs epic fails.

Under the sea

I Feel The Need To Tell The World Regular Faucets Are Ok

There are tons of classic, simple faucets to choose from when you are deciding how to set up a bathroom. Even if you are obsessed with The Little Mermaid, this seems like way too much.

Shoe tub

There’s No Hope For Humanity. I Know That Now

Many people work hard through their lives to buy a house and turn it into anything they have ever dreamed of and it’s great. But someone honestly dreamed about a shoe shaped tub and I can’t get over it.

Safety first

Electric Showers For Everyone!

In the time we are living it seems like you can never have enough electric outlets at home: you have your cellphone to charge, tv, tablet…however, I’d rather have my cellphone uncharged than electrocuting myself.

Space saver

Attached Bath And Bedroom

In many cities, there is a real habitational problem and the spaces are very small. Having said that, the idea of having a bunk bed on top of your bathtub seems like too much. Wouldn’t you just rather rent a room?


I've Always Wanted An Apartment With A Bathtub, But This Is Certainly Not What I Envisioned

Let’s be honest: having a bathtub is a great thing. You can take long, relaxing baths after a stressful day and feel completely renewed. I would rather do this in privacy, though, and not with my neighbors looking.


Taking A Shower In A Hotel In China

This shower in a hotel in China is a fail, but at least they were honest enough to put a sign stating that they know that you will slip because the floor is not properly made, but at least they want you to do it carefully.

Too much to handle

My Friend's Bathtub Handles. I-I Just.....what?

Whoever decided to install these handles really wanted to troll anyone who had to use this bathtub. What is the point of having all of these settings here? Isn’t cold and hot not enough anymore?

Shower issues

My Mom Had Her Guest Bathroom Remodeled While She Was Out Of Town. She Wanted The Shower Head Up High So Tall People Didn't Have To Crouch Or Lean Way Back. Came Home To Find This, Which Shoots The Water Straight Across To The Opposite Wall

When this woman decided to remodel her guest bathroom, she wanted to make sure that the shower head was high enough so it would make anyone -tall or short- feel comfortable. However, she failed and the water just shoots straight to the opposite wall.


Someone Peaked In High School Geometry

Whoever designed this bathroom really hated his job. Following a grid design is not easy, but it’s not rocket science either. Can you even go into this bathroom without feeling dizzy? I couldn’t do it for sure.

So close

The Shower In My Grandparents New Bathroom Is Very Nice, Except For One Small Problem...

This could have been one of the most beautiful, classic and simple designs ever, but the fact that they installed the shower handles outside of the shower makes it a complete fail. So annoying.



We all need privacy when we go to the bathroom, but apparently you won’t get it here. They installed the shower glass around the toilet instead of the bathtub, and it’s completely clear so yes, you will be seen.


Alexandra Anestos (@anestosisbestos) | Twitter

I just love people that try to squeeze every opportunity out of their spaces. This woman, for instance, had a very small pace upstairs and decided to create a death trap with the shape of a bathtub.