12 Best Pics Ever From Russia

Hello friends! This time we have something spectacular for you, coming from one of the coldest place on Earth: Russia. And since the cold can drive you a little bit crazy, people from Russia are nuts! In a good way though, because everything they do is worth the picture. Which is why we selected the best pictures ever, from Russia with love, only for you. Have fun!

Great Coat 


Take a look at this one. Is it a carpet? A drape? The shower curtain? Who can tell. You have to be seriously brave to wear this kind of clothes. One thing is certain: that lady is going places. And getting recognized everywhere. 

The Tallest Person Ever 

You know what they say, Russian people are huge sometimes. And I mean, not only on weight (it keeps them warm at night), they are also pretty tall. Look at this person, great sense of style, dressed with fur, fashionable pants. Love the clothes