12 Epic Fails in Conference Calls

Times have changed and now we all find that most of our jobs can be done from home. Not everybody is used to working remotely and changing the tradicional meetings for conference calls. Some people find themselves photobombed by family members, pets or even with technical difficulties that create some of the funniest things we have ever seen.

Potato lady


This woman’s job made her go viral but not for the reasons she would probably have expected. On a conference call, she adjusted the setting on a filter that made her look like a potato for the whole meeting.

The cat just joined


Every cat owner says that their pets are the most independent of all animals out there. However, this cat decided that if his human was going to be home all they, he might as well join his meetings to show who is the real boss there.



Kids usually have the most unexpected comments to share with the world without acknowledging context or the meaning of appropriate and that’s what makes them so funny. Except for the parents, who hardly find this hilarious like we do.

The parrot


This parrot decided to impress his human’s teacher by unexpectedly joining a class via Zoom while he was sleeping. The funniest part is that the class noticed and they actually tried talking to the parrot for a while.

Low expectations


I can’t get over how funny and realistic this teacher was. Sometimes changes are actually blessings in disguise and for anyone in that class that was facing a tough semester, this is in fact a miracle for their grades.


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You know, there is a real reason why most conference platforms have a button that will allow you to change your background during an online meeting. Just make sure you find something more appropiate than this painting.

New coworker

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I can’t imagine how hard it must be to work from home when you have kids, especially if you have very driven ones that are ready to join a meeting with your boss. You go, girl, negotiate your mom a raise.

Hope you are a cat person


I honestly believe that cats are in the middle of a very complex revenge plan because humans are living full time in their spaces without consent. I just really hope that everybody’s bosses like cats and find this funny.

This is bananas


Think of everything that could possibly go wrong in a conference call while you are trying hard to work from home and add a little kid at the end screaming about her fruit preferences. Too good to be true.


35 Quarantine Conference Calls Gone Hilariously Wrong

Anyone who uses Google home or Amazon’s Alexa knows that those things are in the world not to help, but to scare the bejeezus out of you. I’m glad that this could help in a meeting, but does not help the idea of humans being replaced by robots.


Coronavirus: This hilarious work conference call fail has won the ...

Next time you laugh at someone for covering the camera on his computer, remember this girl who was caught in the bathroom in a zoom class. How can you possibly go back to school after a fail this big?

Teacher who lost it

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Not only people who have to take a class can go through difficulties with technology. Like this teacher, for instance, who we can only hope made a mistake and decided to schedule a class at 3 AM.