12 Funny Instagram vs. Reality photos

Instagram is the social media platform of beauty. It’s filled with inspirational images of successful, beautiful people who never seem to do anything without grace and poise. This Thai woman decided to recreate the most iconic Instagram photos and put them next to what reality usually looks like, and the result is hilarious.


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Posing next to animals is always a wanted shot in the world of Instagram, but in real life birds are not as tamed and the reality usually looks a lot more like option number 2, when one flies and scares you to death.



Before Instagram appeared, I would have never imagined so many people got the chance to travel to places with actual waterfalls. I have never been to one, but I’m sure my picture would look a lot like this.



Honestly, who is able to pose in the middle of the ocean with waves coming from behind looking like a fashion editorial featured in Vogue? Most of us would be falling down with a ridiculous look on our faces.

At Home


I have nothing but respect for all those women who are able to pull off a picture that makes them look cute and cozy when I usually lay on my bed with the dirtiest pajamas humanity has seen and dropping my phone in my face.

Party time


This picture is so funny because if you think about it, there is nothing more real in life than this: nobody can ever look as cute as Instagram girls when they are blowing up a balloon. We all look like messes.

Night out


I know that the VSCO girl look is all about looking cute and classy even in the most common situation, but we have to admit that usually when you are at a bar at 2 am drinking your fourth beer looks anything but classy.

The Pool


This is one of the most replicated poses in the world of social media: a cute girl in a one piece swimsuit showing off her curves while gracefully getting out of the pool, but reality can be a little more tricky than that.

Pose, pose, pose


I usually feel like most women on Instagram are taking secret modeling classes that I have never heard of, but posing is kind of an art that most of us don’t manage. I couldn’t stand on the edge of a pool without falling, could you?

Cute and casual


If you ever wonder if an Instagram picture is staged to look cooler than reality, pay attention to the little details: for instance, nobody will come out of a pool with her hair dry and styled like that. We are onto you, Instagram girls.

No filter


Instagram and Snapchat filters have been playing with our minds and self image for years: you can make yourself look prettier, add makeup and shades and lights that are not even there. Candids will reveal the truth.



Instagram pictures are not only about selling beauty, but selling a whole lifestyle that people hardly have in real life. While you can show that you are enjoying your Friday night with a glass of champagne at home, the truth is closer to the realistic option.


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Let’s be honest: nobody would post a picture of how they actually look eating a plate filled with spaghetti and meat sauce if they are not posing. not even on a bet. Not even for a second plate of spaghetti. Ever.