12 funny kids that have driven their parents crazy

Most working parents love the chance to spend some quality time with their kids when they are home. However, they sometimes happen to realize that these tiny humans have their own ways and they are not always ready for them. The best part is that even if they are testing their parent’s patience, the results are just hilarious.

Hit and run

My Daughter Backed Into A Light Pole And Promptly Got Out Of The Vehicle And Fled The Scene. Her Very First Hit And Run

This girl’s parents sure had a big surprise when they found that their own daughter had her first accident in her car and her decision was to just walk away as if nothing had happened.

Reese´s in pieces

Cereal Bowls

In this kid’s defense, the packaging and the image might come a little confusing to a child. However, the fact that when the plan failed the kid just left it there in the kitchen makes this incredibly funny.

Little Frida

My Wife Dressed My Son Up As Frida For A Project For His Class To Recreate Her Art. Today In His Zoom Meeting We Found Out That Meant A Drawing Or Painting

There is nothing new about the fact that kids love to dress up and wear different costumes. However, it is kind of unexpected to find your child dressed as a famous Mexican painter with some pen in her forehead.



For some parents, having to take over the teachers and help the kids with their homework can be quite stressful, but I’m sure that these parents had a good laugh with this particular and unusual answer.



Kids that go through their parent’s personal items are always hilarious, especially because they don’t understand what most things do. This maxi pad decoration in the bathroom is a great example of a new use to an old thing.

Potty training

FOTO/Nga prerja e flokëve deri te ngecja në tual - Syri | Lajmi i ...

Little children love to feel useful and try to get more and more independent as they grow older. Like this kid, who tried to help his parents clean his potty by himself…using their toothbrushes.


From 1st Day Working At Home. She Got Pink Slime In Her Hair

The bubble gum in hair nightmare has reached a new level when Youtube started getting filled with tutorials on how to create your own slime. Unfortunately, someone forgot to tell this kid how to play with it.



Kids get hurt all the time: it’s normal. They don’t understand sharp edges, they still don’t know how to control their own bodies and usually fall down multiple times a day. However, this kid found a new way: biting his own arm.


Quarantine Day 37: The Kids Are Trying To Cook Each Other

Baking is a great activity for parents to do with their kids: they can follow a recipe together, get creative with ingredients and enjoy a little treat one it’s done. But this is a great example of why kids can’t bake unsupervised.


No Explanation Needed

Blowing the candles in a birthday party is one of the most cherished, special moments in a child’s life. This kid decided to go all in with his blow and make sure that the cake will not be shared with anyone.


"Now I Know My Abc's, I’ll Write Them On Our SUV"

Parents are supposed to encourage their kids on their interests: it can be either dancing, painting, playing sports, or even writing. However, I’m sure that these parents would have rather had the art in a notepad.

Bath Time

She Wanted A Bath

Usually getting kids to take a bath can be a lot stressful for parents. But this case is different: this little girl was so eager to take a bath that decided to take the matter into her own hands.