12 funny recreations of iconic paintings

The Getty museum came up with a very unique challenge for people everywhere to get in touch with their creativity during complicated times. The result is outstanding: people really do commit and go all in when they have some time in their hands. Some actually were able to recreate the facial expressions and it’s honestly too much. Look:


名画を自宅にあるもので再現する」コンテストが爆誕、よくわからない ...

Not only the amount of detail in the recreation of this painting is extraordinary, but this woman actually looks A LOT like Klimt’s muse in this painting. Side thought: this is a good use for animal print sheets you bought on a whim.

Mona Lisa

Karanténművészet a Getty Múzeum jóvoltából

It takes a lot of courage to try to re-enact one of the most famous and iconic paintings in history, but this woman nailed it. Her eyes and smile are so like Mona Lisa that it’s hard to tell whether she is smiling at all.

Girl with a pearl earring

20 hilariantes recriações de obras de arte clássicas - CF NOW ...

We are only on number three but I have to say that I feel like we have a winner. I have no idea how someone was able to make their cat pose like this, but the result is one of the funniest things out there.

Lady in a fur wrap

The Lady In A Fur Wrap

This recreation of El Greco’s painting is great because even if it looks kind of simple at first, the amount of details is something else: the expression, the pose, the two rings on her fingers. Truly amazing.


Salvador Dali - Isolation

Anyone who has the nerve to recreate one of Dali’s paintings deserves all of our respect. But this particular choice, with the guy as the giant snail with the mustache, is too good to be true.

Pure perfection

The Way They Nailed Getty Museum Challenge

What can you do when you have a toddler bored at home, some free time on your hands and a museum challenge that you have to win? This. You do this, and hope your kid is as into it as the one in the picture is.


Recreation Of Pablo Picasso's Painting "A Women With A Bird"

I can’t believe someone was actually creative enough not only to try to recreate Pablo Picasso’s work, but also to pull it off as wonderfully as this woman did. To be honest, this is a very tough one, and she did an amazing job.


My Contribution To The Getty Challenge. The Birth Of Venus By Botticelli

This group of friends is the most hilarious thing ever. Notice how they are fully committed to make the recreation work, and each one is giving his all in character. Bonus point to Venus for taking the spotlight with such charm.

Toilet paper

Lady 1-Ply, Keeper Of Non-Perishables And Protector Of The Soap

This is absolutely great not only because every detail is there (such as the exact lipstick shade in the woman’s lips), but also because she made a little tweak with the toilet paper that makes it so much fun to look at.

A mood

Happy To Share The Result Of Our New Experiment, The Three Day Online Workshop #tobeamuseathome That Was Streemed Last Week

I’m a huge fan of this woman not only because you can tell that she actually ruined a perfectly good blouse to do this, but also because her facial expression does not feel like acting at all. She is a mood, and she is all of us.


Our Take On The DIY Classic Art Challenge

This painting is pretty shady by itself if you think about it for a minute. However, I won’t be able to ever look at it again without remembering this hilarious twist thanks to the funny couple who decided to recreate it.

Modern Art

Yes, There’s A Person In There

You know, they could have done this balloon-shaped dog just using bed sheets and towels, but these people have won just because they decided to do it with real humans inside. That’s actual commitment right there.