12 Hilarious Reasons People Would Give To Skip Work

Even the most responsible people have the need to skip work every now and then. Some people call in sick, or may come up with excuses of things that they need to take care of around the house. Some people decided to play a game and make up the most hilarious, outrageous and weirdest reasons to skip work and it’s incredibly funny. Would you dare say something like this?



Honestly, in this century have to wear formal clothes to do a lot of jobs that don’t even include contact with clients or customers seems ridiculous. What would happen if you told your boss that you can’t come in because you can’t seem to put pants on?



Ok, if this woman does not work in a field related to strategy or logistics, someone has to tell her to make a career change as soon as possible: this whole reasoning is simply brilliant.

Toy Story


If you have seen the Toy Story saga, you probably wondered at least for a second if that could actually happen in real life. Isn’t trying to check your Legos in action reason enough to stay home during the day?

Blame the cat


Dogs have been blamed for the craziest reasons for decades, but it might be a smart move to start putting the blame on cats. And to be honest, you know that the cat will judge you, so that makes it kind of believable.



Some people have phobias that they don’t have an actual way to explain due to the fact that they are based on irrational fears. The fear of germs is actually quite common and it could make a great excuse to take a day off.

Star Wars


If I was this woman’s boss and she sends me this picture and the reasoning behind it as an excuse to take a day off, I would offer her two weeks of paid time leave and a bonus. She is simply brilliant.


30 People Share Hilarious And Strange Reasons They Would Call In ...

If you have a weighted blanket, you know what we are talking about: they give such a sense of comfort that people actually buy it to deal with anxiety. I think it’s too comfortable for me to handle and would make me skip work.

A sign


NY subways are usually filled with signs of all kinds, and ads (which can be signs that are also trying to get you to buy something you don’t need). If this is the sign on your way to work, it’s time to call in sick.

Putting the fun in funeral

30 People Share Hilarious And Strange Reasons They Would Call In Sick

You would imagine that faking a funeral to skip work is something that could only happen in an episode of Seinfeld, but a lot of people do that. Adding an extra fact about it can help it make look more believable, but this seems like too much.

Miss me


If you have been at your job for quite some time, it wouldn’t hurt to be missed a little to get more appreciation. Of course, this could go the other way and get you fired instead of missed.


เมื่อชาวเน็ตแชร์เหตุผลสุดเพี้ยนที่ใช้ในการลางาน จนเป็นกระแสในทวิต ...

It’s not rare that people want to explore other options after pursuing a career for a long time. But, if you are going to ask your boss for some time off to do so, make sure you go all in…like this guy did.



People who play The Sims usually take their virtual life very seriously, so if a big moment in your Sims life is going on, it should be a good excuse to miss work. People take time off for real weddings, so it’s not THAT different…right?