12 hilarious UK city names that actually exist

The world has a lot of spectacular places that most of us have never even heard of. The UK, for instance, has a lot more to offer than London and some of its cities have landscapes and culture worth knowing. But others could use a little help with their branding since their names are too funny to be taken seriously.

World’s end

World's End

Not a very optimistic place to spend holidays with your family, to be honest. The world’s end sounds like a great city for emo kids to go hang out and think that society is over and there is no hope for tomorrow.

Butt Hole Road


When you have every possible word out there tor turn into a road’s name, why on Earth would you choose to name it Butt Hole Road? My guess is that it’s a small town that wants people as far away as possible.



It sounds like a lot of people’s high school experience, but it is actually a real town located in the United Kingdom. I can’t begin to imagine what this place’s specialty is if the name is descriptive at all.

Titty Ho


Believe it or not, this is not a city located next to a Playboy’s mansion whatsoever. It is a small town with one of the most unusual and ridiculous names we have ever heard. Would you go and visit this place?



Shitterton is a hamlet located in England. The name has been this one for a thousand years, and the meaning that they wanted to give it was actually very different than the one we are all thinking of right now.

Sluts Hole Name

Sluts Hole Lane

Located in Norfolk, this village has been there since the 1500s. Apparently, it was a misspelling from a victorian word that they never cared enough to rebrand, and it’s now visited just for the fun of its name.

Three cocks lane

Three Cocks Lane

We have to admit that there is nothing even remotely obscene about this name since cocks are friendly animals and that is why probably they named this lane after them. However, dirty minds find this concept very amusing.

Little Snoring

Little Snoring

I think that even though Little snoring is a funny name, it is actually the sign saying to please drive carefully what makes the whole thing hilarious. As if they were saying we know you’ll fall asleep here, please stop driving.



Twatt is located in Scotland, and the name actually refers to a little piece of land, which was probably the case when they founded it. However, words change their meaning over time and it sounds like something else.

Pratt’s Bottom

Pratts Bottom

I can only think about the actor Chris Pratt and how he is not taking a picture next to this sign to post on all of his social media handles. He should totally do it, it would be priceless for these people’s tourism income.

Ladyhole Lane

Ladyhole Lane

This actually sounds like something George R.R Martin would have imagined as one of the lands of Game of Thrones. It sounds as vulgar as it sounds classy and that makes it extremely funny and complex.



I can’t help but wonder how the Queen feels when she has to speak about one of these places. Do you think she waits until the meeting is over to giggle in secret? I totally think she does.