12 people that tried to fix Greeting Cards

Some people love the Hallmark aisle and shopping for greeting cards. If you are looking for a very special and particular occasion, you probably will find one: there is something for every moment. However, these people decided to use whatever they had at home and make the necessary tweaks to make them work, and the result is hilarious.

Sad times

Not Really Into Valentines Day, But My Boyfriend Played It Well This Year

A greeting card that was meant to give to someone in a tough time after a loss of a loved one easily turned into a very sarcastic and funny way to show appreciation for someone else.

Sorry you got stabbed

Sorry You Got Stabbed

It’s funny enough that someone would get a card to tell someone else that they are sorry they got stabbed, but making a change on a Birthday card is simply hilarious, and the picture helps a lot.

A little difference

My Dad Accidentally Bought A Same Sex Valentine’s Day Card And Instead Of Getting Another Card, He Drew A Little Beard On One Of The Women

This guy’s dad made a mistake and bought this Valentine’s card that had two women, so he decided to draw a beard on one of them and give it to his wife anyway. Do you think she noticed?

The fire

Blursed Birthday Card

Even though there are many different greeting cards available to purchase, it does seem hard to believe that there is one for when someone’s house sets on fire, so this might be a good call after all.


I Didn’t Have A Card For My Friend’s Birthday, But I Did Have A Sharpie And A Card For A Baby

There are some cards that only come in packs of many and most times you don’t know what to do with them after you have used the one you really needed. This person was, at the very least, creative and resourceful.


Engangement Is Just As Exciting As Being 2

Some people on this post actually tried to make the greeting cards work no matter what, but the funniest thing about this one was that this person was too lazy to even make an adjustment to it.

Brain surgery

Best Brain Surgery Ever

If someone you know is going through brain surgery, the very least you can do to show your support is to send a card that says ¨get well soon¨. Honestly, I can’t even imagine the person who got this and his reaction.

5 times 10

My Sense Of Humor: Getting Birthday Cards With The Wildly Incorrect Age On It For People

This is actually so funny that it kind of makes you want to celebrate this instead of considering it a major fail. It’s brilliant, resourceful and probably much better than a regular card you can find for someone’s fiftieth brithday.

So close

I Finished My Phd! This Is The Card My Sister Gave Me

Imagine putting yourself through medical school and spending tons of money and years of your life to become a doctor. Imagine also having a sibling who won’t even bother to find a proper card for the occasion.

Boys and girls

I'm A Near Thirty Year Old, Near 250 Lb, Very Hairy Man. The Shop Was Running Short On Cards Though. Close Enough?

I love this trend of people drawing beards on girl’s images thinking that there is actually a way to get away with it. The funniest part is that a kid won’t have a beard at all, but still thought it could work out.

Deviated scrotum

My Friend Had Surgery On Her Deviated Septum Today (She Accidentally Called It A Deviated Scrotum), So A Friend And I Got Her A Card

Not only this card is funny because of how it was tweaked in the intention to make it work, but it also gets better when you hear the backstory. It was a deviated septum surgery, not a deviated scrotum. Major fail.

Happy Birth

Sent My Husband To Buy A Baby Shower Gift Bag. Dammit

Pregnant women can get very emotional when they are about to go into labor, so I can’t imagine how the woman who received this must have felt. They could have saved it for an upcoming birthday, right?