12 pictures that are the definition of irony

The definition of irony is that the result of an action is the exact opposite of what was planned to execute. Sometimes, irony is all around in the most random situations and it ends up being very funny to watch. Take a look at these twelve pictures showing how you can find irony pretty much everywhere.

Got it

Kids, This Is What We Call Irony

A lot of voters would think that this is probably the best example of ironic behavior. If there is something I think we can all agree on is that the power of stupid people in large groups can be unbeatable at times.

Beach please

Dogs Are Not Allowed On Beach Due To Possibility That They Might Make A Mess

The irony behind this picture is the fact that dogs are not allowed on the beach because of the mess they can cause, as if the humans that left all that garbage around on the sand behave any better than them.


The Irony Of These Days

People treating dogs as their children is nothing new, even though some take it to the extreme. However, we are not ready to see a switch with the treatment of children taken on a leash.

Protect the Earth

National Geographic Magazine Has Arrived. With An Alert About Excessive Use Of Plastic. It Comes In A Plastic Shrink. And Inside A Plastic Bag To Reinforce The Protection

This issue of the National Geographic magazine has a cover story speaking about how tons of plastic waste are ruining the oceans because people use too much of it. Still, this is unnecessarily covered in plastic.


The Irony

This No Chew Deterrent is a fluid that you can spray on fabric and furniture that you don’t want your dog to chew on. Ironically, this dog actually chew the plastic container. How could you spray the spray, though?


Oh The Irony

People who sometimes have a speech about freedom and tolerance sometimes contradict their sayings because apparently, it does not apply to all, but is there any need to not even think twice before doing this?

Domino effect

Oh The Irony

If you don’t understand why this picture is so funny, let me explain it to you: these bikes are delivery vehicles for Domino’s, one of the biggest pizza franchises in the US. And they fell in a Domino effect.


Oh The Irony

When it comes to immigration rules, Australia has some of the most strict rules for people who would like to live there, which makes it kind of funny when their immigrant museum is locked and refraining people from entering.


Stop Texting While Driving

If you have the nerve to preach about safe driving and avoiding texting while you take the wheel, you could at least have the dignity to not do it yourself. Her expression when she realizes someone notices is priceless.


This Sign In My Kid’s Elementary School Fills Me With Nihilistic Joy

If there is a part of the population who does not understand what irony is, it is children, so it’s only natural that this hilarious unfinished painting saying not to give up was made by one of them.

New life

Oh The Irony

Nothing sounds as optimistic as moving to a lane called new life, but if underneath the sign it says dead end I don’t know how happy I would feel. Make up your minds, signs, we need stronger signals.


Wasps Made A Nest On My Wasp Spray Bottle

Similar to what happened with the no chew spray that was chewed on by a dog, some wasps decided to nest on a bottle filled with fluid prepared to keep wasps away. Oh, the irony.