21 practical and creative inventions that make your life easier

In order to make our lives more and more comfortable, to increase everyday comfort and to facilitate our daily duties, we increasingly rely on new tools, techniques or playful tricks. This increasing comfort is made possible by constantly new, innovative inventions.

In the following, 21 of these inventions are presented, where you will think that they are simple and brilliant at the same time. Everything the inventors needed was a proper portion of creativity.


The Alarm Clock Floor Mat: To turn it off, you have to get up. So it is almost impossible to sleep.


The spray cleaner for fruits: On the one hand, it replaces the washing under running water, on the other hand it leaves your fruits always fresh, even if they have already been cut.


The camera contact lens: “Once you can see through my eyes” suddenly becomes possible. It is suitable for shooting projects or completely realistic holiday pictures.


The mirror ironing board: It can be used on both sides. You can use your clothes on it temples or use it vertically as a mirror.


The solar couch: By means of environmentally friendly energy, this alternative to the park bench is illuminated in the evening and invites you to relax in the open air.


The cuddle mattress: In the head area, flexible joints are incorporated, into which you can bury your arms while cuddling. Thus, an uncomfortable lying position is no longer an obstacle to fall asleep in arm.


The nail polish holder: So you do not accidentally spill your nail polish and concentrate completely on your fingernails.


The Cucumber Spiral Cutter: Cutting a cucumber in spirals can be a rip test. With this tool, you can turn around.


The dessert with dining tray: This tool lifts breakfast in bed to a whole new level.


The Shoe-Dryer Net: For your shoes to dry fast without being thrown through the dryer and possibly broken, you can simply attach them to the door with this practical net.


The sports chair: office work goes on the back. With this chair, you can work back-to-back and do gymnastics exercises.


The comfortable paint roller: The shield prevents the wrong wall or the ceiling from being accidentally coated.


The Glibber-Sponge: This is how you get in every tricky trickle when cleaning.


The USB batteries: Normal batteries, which can be charged via the USB port of your computer.


The heatable knife: With this innovative cutlery piece, cold butter never presents a problem again.


The suitcase scooter: First you can drive with your scooter into the neighboring town and then crammed it as a suitcase through the city center roll.


The safety bike backpack: It shows the cars in road traffic what the cyclist is up to. Thus, traffic accidents can be reduced.


The solar socket: it is transportable and works with solar energy. You can simply press it on a window and charge your mobile phone, for example.


The space-saving socket: it is particularly suitable for small apartments. If the legs of furniture pieces act as sockets, then it does not matter if the wall is set.


The new Kardio bike: This new sports equipment is practical, space-saving and technically compatible.