23 Funny Times The Background Of Photos Was Better Than The Foreground

With these 23 found images it is worth taking a closer look and not just scrolling down the page with a glance. The foreground is not important here, what is going on in the background is much more interesting. It’s worth taking a closer look, since an otherwise boring or typical Instagram post snapshot turns into a funny or grotesque picture. The photographers of these pictures certainly did not know that their pictures would become something special.

Upside down


In the foreground we see a student, perhaps on the first day of school. Nothing special. He doesn’t look happy, but who is that at school? The boy in the background seems to be too much!

Tough grandpa!


Grandpa is usually such a nice person and has a lot of fun on the swing, especially when his grandson nudges him. However, he should have told him not to stand behind the swing.