45+ Easy Last-Minute Halloween Ideas

Get ready to see some of the most creative and fun ideas that people have done for Halloween meals. It doesn’t matter whether you are close to Halloween or if you have many months to come until you get to celebrate: for those of us who love it, we can never get enough and especially when it comes to food. These ideas can be great to have some inspiration ready when the day comes, or if you are looking to celebrate a spooky friend birthday: monsters, fake blood, worms and everything your twisted mind wishes to see in a plate.

Frankenstein’s Monster


Yes, it may look a little bit scary. But you would love to eat this eat next October 31st. And no, though it should be more accord, it’s not made out of different parts of cakes and reanimated by a lightning strike.

Walking dead


Nothing says “Happy Halloween” like a zombified little girl rising up from her grave looking for some fresh human brains. It’s also a proper cake for birthdays, christmas, or everytime you want because it’s always time for a piece of cake.