50 Amazing Wedding Hacks

Are you planning the most important day of your life? If you are, take a look at these hacks that will make everything easier. You will want to save money and time, so you can change some classic wedding things, innovate and make your wedding something everyone will remember. You should spend the most important day of your life relax and sure that everything will turn out as you want it. Here are 50 amazing wedding hacks you probably didn’t even think about, and you should take into account when you are planning that day. Enjoy our list and pics!



This kind of list will help you stay organized and stress-free months before your wedding. You can find many of them on the internet or make it yourself! It’s super easy.

To-do lists


If you have to save things like spreadsheets, timelines, and to-do lists, do it in a digital folder, like DropBox or Google Drive, so you can access to them in every device.

Special email account


If you can, create an entirely separate email just for wedding-related things. You won’t miss anything and you will have all the information you need at the same place, that email account.

Vacation rentals


You can save money by looking into vacation rentals, that are a cheaper alternative to a traditional wedding venue. Nobody will see the difference and you will save so much money!

Reception at a restaurant


You can also consider having your reception party at a restaurant. They already have tables, chairs and other stuff you won’t have to worry about, and you will save a lot in rentals.

Don’t use their vendors


If you want to save money but you want a traditional wedding venue, you can find a place that doesn’t require you to use their vendors. They are always a lot more expensive!



If you are doing your wedding in a quaint farm setting, you can check with the owner and maybe he can sell you the florals you need at an amazing price.

Don’t book a Saturday


You can save a lot of money by not booking the date on a Saturday. Maybe you can get married on a Sunday or Friday and save your money for your honeymoon!

Off-season Wedding.


By doing your wedding in January or February, you can also save a lot of money. It’s not a very popular time of the year, but it’s actually the same as getting married in July.

Destination wedding


If you choose a destination wedding, just tell your invites to be at the place an hour early. If there’s traffic or they get lost, they will arrive in time anyway.

This question


You can be creative and make this unique question by using Ringpops to propose to your bridesmaids. They will never expect that and will think that’s amazing. You won’t regret this.

Number the cards


This is a great hack: number every card that correlates to a guest, and in that way, if it comes illegible, you will know who it’s from! And you will not have to be asking around.

Foam and water brush


By using a foam and water brush or a sponge, you can make the process of sealing envelopes a lot more quickly and painless. We bet you never thought of this.

Requesting songs


This is a great idea. You can ask your guest to request a song for the DJ to play in their party and everyone will be happy! This will make the weirdest playlist ever, but also an awesome one.



You can use digital Save-the-date or invitations and save a lot of money! They are super cute and people will see it, as they will check their emails and respond immediately.

Wedding website


If you decided to create a wedding website, put a call-to-action on the cards. You can use a message like “Check out our site”, and they will see everything that you put in that.

Close people


You should only invite the people you both have talked to in the last two years to keep your guest list from becoming out of control. You don’t need that friend of a friend in your wedding.

Don’t add plus ones.


It’s totally fine no to allow plus ones, sometimes they are the worst. If you chose that option, make sure that your guest’s invites only have their name it. Don’t leave any space.

Dress shopping


When it’s that time, and you need to buy a dress, go shopping and bring a pair of heels that are similar to what you’ll be wearing on your big day. You won’t miss anything.



This is the best hack ever. Use diagrams to narrow down your style before you begin with the wedding dress shopping. You will see everything clearer once you do this.

Try everything


If you see a dress on a hanger and you are not sure if it’s right for you, it’s worth at least trying it on, because it may look amazing on you. Just try everything you see!

White dresses


Sometimes white dresses are not labeled as wedding gowns but they are perfect for the job. They are cheaper and you will see a lot of variety for you to choose from!

Three pairs of shoes.


You should pack three pairs of shoes: comfortable ones for getting ready, the wedding heals and another pair for dancing. You will see that this is the best idea ever.

Break them in


Also, don’t forget to break them in before the big night, and you will avoid blisters and other discomforts. Just walk around your house wearing those and you will get used to it.



Use sandpaper to help clean the soles of your shoes, so you have your shoes as perfect as they can be. Don’t underestimate the power of good shoes and how clean they are.



This is the perfect hack for your heels. Buy some Solemates for your heels to prevent them from sinking into the grass. If you’ve ever worn heels you know that sucks.

Something blue


You can get creative with the “something blue” part by painting the soles of your shoes that color. It’s super simple, and you will forget about it. It looks cool!



Having some Converse shoes for dancing at your reception is an awesome idea and your feet will be grateful. You don’t have to wear heels the whole time, and have a good time!

Paper flowers


Crepe (or any kind of) paper flowers make a good alternative to a bouquet, they are cheaper, and they’ll last forever! You can make any design you want and they can turn out beautifully.

Veil weights


We didn’t know those things existed! Veil weights can help combat a windy wedding day, or just keeping it down. They are gorgeous and looks like jewelry! Fancy and useful, our kind of things.

Clean your ring


Jewelers will clean your ring, for free! Just do it before the wedding so it sparkles and shines all night! Rings are for showing off, and they should be as clean as possible.

Don’t get a facial


Facials can go wrong. Just avoid getting a facial right before your wedding. Your skin can become irritated, dry or breakout and ruin your entire day and photos from the wedding.

Dress shirt


This is another great hack: wear a dress shirt when you are getting ready so you don’t mess your hair and makeup when you take it off. It also looks amazing!

Hire a makeup artist


Hiring a makeup artist is important, you want to look gorgeous at your weddings and have the most beautiful pics ever. Settle on a look you love first so the artist doesn’t mess it up.

Try different looks


You should try different hair and makeup looks until you choose the perfect one. You’re not wasting your time, you are just trying everything you want and settling on your style.

This spray


Spray a fixative to protect your hair and makeup. Especially if it’s an outdoor wedding. Forget the sweat and all that crying, your face will look perfect, and people won’t even notice that.

Wine wipes


Buy some wine wipes to have your mouth as perfect as it can be. We didn’t know these existed and we think it’s a very clever idea. They are always useful!

Safety pins


Always keep some double-sided tape and safety pins on hand. You don’t know when you will be needing them, and they will be there for you. If your dress breaks, don’t worry you can fix it!



This is some advice you should take: take time off the week of your wedding. You are super stressed, and you need this! You’ll want to be spending this amazing occasion with your family instead of being stuck at work.

A good night’s sleep


This is for both of you: spend the day before the big day doing something you love and make sure to get a good night’s sleep. You need this time to enjoy yourselves!

A wedding bag


This hack will save your life. Pack a wedding bag ahead of time full of things you don’t want to forget on your big day. Your future you will be grateful.

Take your vitamins


Take all your vitamins and stay healthy before your big day. You should try not to get sick so, eat your veggies and don’t eat junk food. This is very important.

Just eat something


When you are planning a wedding you are always stressed and doing something and you forget to eat. Just eat something before the big day so you don’t pass out!



The day of your wedding, just have the best breakfast of your life, with protein and carbs so you will have the energy to go through that long but very important day.

Texting person


Having a texting person the day of your wedding is very useful, that way you will not be stressed out or glued to the screen. Let someone else do that!

Program and fan


This is such a good idea. If your wedding is outdoors during the summer, you can create programs that also double as fans. People will love this and will thank you later.

Use a blackboard


If you don’t want to spend more money on your wedding, don’t do programs, just use a blackboard to inform your guests of the itinerary. You can make one as cool as this one.

A circle


We have never seen this idea but now we love it. Consider having your wedding seating in a circle so you can see everybody you love and feel surrounded by them.

Hand lotion


Don’t forget to put on hand lotion before walking down the aisle so the ring will glide right on your fingers. Also, your hands will smell amazing and everybody will notice.

Choose an aesthetic


If you choose a photographer to take your wedding photos, choose an aesthetic that you love and tell him or her, so your photos are perfect! Remember this is the most important day of your life.

You are ready to walk down the aisle! Be awesome and share this article with friends, family, and fans.