50 Beauty Secrets You Should Know

Using the best products and whatever they promise you won’t work if you don’t understand your body: It is telling you exactly what you need to do, you just need to learn to listen. Once you recognize your body type (skin, hair, nails, etc.), you will know how to attack your weak spots and help your body heal in whatever way it needs.

Also, get some fresh fruits and veggies in your system, add a few tons of water and some exercise…come on, I’m not saying cut the carbs out or the sugar, or whatever, that’s stupid, just balance your diet and your lifestyle!

If you follow these tips and still don’t see a change, it’s time to see a doctor. No, you are not dying (I hope), but maybe the issue is coming from the inside and only a doctor can help you with that.

Fresh Face


If you’re out of your home for a long period of time, you know what I mean. It’s hard to stay on point all day long. So just make sure you carry some spray water (cucumber, Aloe Vera, rose are good) and some wipes around (some baby wipes will work)

Clear Skin


A clear and beautiful skin is A LOT of work. Don’t let those influencers fool you.

Skin is always exposed, so you need to keep it clean. If you don’t do it properly, you will be making it worse.

Open your Pores


Before a cleanse or exfoliation, you need to rinse your skin with some warm water to open your pores (not hot water, WARM water). If you don’t do this, you won’t be able to get that dirt out, so it will stay there and get deeper into the skin.

Steps to achieve a successful beauty routine


Wash your face with lukewarm water and your everyday cleanser. Next comes the exfoliation, toner or serum (these are to balance the PH on your skin) and moisturizer (in that order).

Every skin type needs


Whatever your skin type, you need to clean it, you need to moisturize, and you need to exfoliate it. Just see what works best for you. And of course, drink enough water and when I say water, I mean PURE WATER (yeah, you know what I mean).

Store products


I’m sorry to tell you this, but, you may think store products work magic, but that magic does not last long: it will last as much as you spend and as much as you use the product. Best advice here is, try to change products and brands once in a while.



We all love DIYs, but all those natural ingredients in your kitchen won’t work forever: you should also mix and match and change them occasionally to get the most out of them. If you don’t, your body will get used and they will lose their power on you.

Natural Beauty


If you use coconut oil for your hair (for example) you could maybe use it a month or so and then change it for argan or olive oil. They will leave your hair just as nice and you’ll get more nutrients out of them.

Oily Skin


If this is you, please clean your face 2 times a day (before and after bed); use a moisturizer EVERY DAY, you can use a clay that can help you control the sebum and add a weekly exfoliation. And one more thing: DO NOT USE OILS.

Dry Skin


My fellas with dry skin should tattoo this word: Moisture. Yes, do a nice cleanse, but moisturize it at least two times a day. Stay away from clays, they will dry your skin way too much and we don’t want that.

Mixed Skin


So, you have parts of your skin that are oily and parts that are dry, that’s fine. In this case, just apply what belongs to each part and you’ll be good to go. Mind the seasons, you will not have the same problem in winter than in summer.

Acne Prone Skin


Lovely acne is not picky: you may have a dry acne-prone skin or an oily acne-prone skin or everything together. Who cares? You are beautiful anyways. Just make sure you go see a dermatologist, so you don’t get too harsh on your skin with generic products.

Hormonal acne


This is not an issue you can just cure with any medicine or a nice routine. This is the type of acne needs to be checked with a dermatologist to treat it properly.

Period Acne


Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to prevent this. It will come back every month. Learn to love it, accept it and keep your face clean and moisturized all the way. Werk your period acne, girl.



I’m not going to say “don’t pop them” because you’ll do it anyways. If you don’t, then great for you, but if you do, make sure your skin is extremely clean, get all the stuff out and apply an antibacterial toner to the area. Pimple patches work wonders!!

Clay Masks


They are wonderful for many reasons: they combat excess oil, shrink pores, oxygenate, rejuvenate and soften the skin. Don’t let them sit on your skin for too long though, this will dry it too much and no one needs that.

Facial Steaming


Make sure you clean your face before. Just boil some water with any ingredients you prefer: rose petals, cucumber, rosemary, essential oils work great. Once it boils, let it sit for a few minutes. Then grab a towel, cover your head and steam your face for 10-20 minutes.

Touching Your Face


This can be the cause of your breakouts. We all touch our faces without even noticing we are doing it, the bests thing to do is to keep a hand sanitizer in your bag and use it every time you feel your hands dirty.

Morning Skin Care Routine


Nobody wants to wake up and start doing a complex routine. If you have the time, do it! If you don’t, just wash your face with a light cleanser and warm water, add some sunscreen and



Use it every single day to keep your skin young and healthy. You should pick one that goes with your skin type, there are lighter formulas if your skin is oily, thicker ones for dry skins and for more sensitive skins, avoid those with alcohol and fragrance on them.

Evening Skin Care Routine


When you go to sleep, your routine should be different: use heavier creams and gels for cleansing and moisturizing and add serums and a toner. If your morning routine is a bit soft, you can make your night routine more intense to make it even.

It’s not only your face that needs to be washed


Yeah, you may do all of this and still get breakouts. And that is because you should also clean your eyeglasses, your cell phone, your keys and everything you touch regularly. If you don’t, then you will keep getting nasty bacteria in your face.

Healthy Long Hair


First thing: cut those split ends. Also, get two or three shampoos and conditioners and alternate them, they don’t even have to be expensive ones, just make sure they are brands you know won’t damage your hair. And wash your hair 2/3 time a week, not more.

Hair Masks


Whether you do it yourself or you buy a product, try to choose things that are meant for your hair type (greasy, curly, dry, thick or straight). If you choose a brand product, chose wisely because the mask you pick should be a good quality for it to work.

Dying your hair


There is no magic formula, your hair will start losing its health with every dye, but you can choose to step up your game with good shampoos and hair masks that revitalize it.

Remember what you pay for is what you get, so cheap tints will cause more damage.

Oily Hair


I know, if I tell you to not wash your hair, you’ll want to kill me but hear me out: dry shampoo (or baby powder works just as good). And if you are not going out, just let it be free and wild and greasy, love it, own it.

Frizzy Hair


This means your hair tends to dryness and needs a proper hydration routine. Try to use 100% cotton towels and a silicone serum to help keep those hairs under control. And don’t rub hair with the towel, just pat dry.

Tied Hair


This is a reality, if you have your hair tied really tight (like a ponytail) for a long period of time, it will cause damage. I’m not saying “don’t tie your hair ever again” just choose the right hair ties and give your hair a rest from time to time.

Lighten Hair


There are a lot of treatments for lightening your hair without bleaching but let me tell you that if your hair is dark, they won’t work. It’s nearly impossible to achieve a blond or even a light brown if you are a brunette. You will need to bleach, unfortunately.

Strong Nails


Whatever you like to do with your nails, remember this: push the cuticles back occasionally, let them breathe from time to time, use a good nail polish that won’t damage them and use a good base coat that protects them.

Puffy Eyes


First thing I will say is to keep the area around your eyes free of any other product! This is a very sensitive and thin skin and it should be treated with love. Green tea pads, eye cream, and a little round massage may help reduce that puffiness.

Achieve Voluminous Hair


Switch your hair-washing technique: use your conditioner first and your shampoo last. Also, don’t use your conditioner every time you wash it! Use it just once a week or when you feel your hair is drying out. For extra volume, add some dry shampoo or baby powder.

Grow Eyelashes And Brows


This is a lovely secret I have tried myself and definitely works: cold pressed Castor oil (heart emoji). Put it in the zone you want your hair to grow and massage a little (if it’s your eyelashes apply like a mascara) every night before bed.

Stretch Marks


Sorry to say that these don’t have an actual cure. All you can do apply some cream that contains: shea butter, olive oil, vitamins A, and E. These are the ones that work best to help them fade but they won’t disappear completely.

Beautiful Lips


We can all achieve red, smooth, sexy lips with these tips: exfoliate with a sugar scrub or with a clean toothbrush. Use a nice lip balm that helps keep them hydrated through the day. The more natural the product, the better.

Body Exfoliation


You can use a more intense scrub (unless you have sensitive skin) like a granulated one. Remember to exfoliate no more than two times a week, to prevent damage.



You can wax your body, that’s cool, but PLEASE DON’T WAX YOUR FACE. The skin in your face is thinner and more sensitive than the skin in your body when you wax, you stretch the skin, and this will lead to premature aging.

Ingrown Hair


This is the most annoying thing in the world. It can be caused by a lot of reasons but to stop it from happening, you should exfoliate and moisturize the skin and even doing so, they can keep coming back if it’s genetic.

Yellow Teeth


This may be caused by what you are eating or drinking, but don’t trust those kinds of toothpaste in the market that promise they will help you whiten your teeth, they are full of crap.

Try to brush your teeth after every meal and floss! Plus, try strawberries, they help in a natural way.



It can be a great ally or your worst enemy. Keep your brushes clean, check the products’ expiration date and remember to take it out completely with a good cleanse before going to bed. Also, do not wear makeup for working out.

Eye Creams


If you are over 25 years old, it’s time for you to start using eye and under eye creams. Not because you need them, but because of prevention. The skin around the eyes is way thinner than the rest of your face and thinner skin starts to loosen more quickly.

No Powder


After 35, stay away from powders! There’s no such thing as anti-age powders. It will get into wrinkles and make you look older. Also, step up your game with anti-age products and moisturizer. It’s all about keeping the skin hydrated.



The sun is a beautiful friend and as humans, we need sunlight. But this doesn’t mean you don’t have to be careful. Do not expose yourself to the sun between 10.00 to 16.00, this is when the sun becomes stronger. Always wear sunscreen.

Natural Makeup Look


For a more natural makeup, add a primer to your everyday routine, before the foundation, let it sit for a few seconds. Then mix a bit of your sunscreen with your foundation and apply. This will make it lighter and make your skin look fresher.

Anti-Age Secret


Here it goes: sleeping with silk or satin pillowcases. It’s a win-win decision: your hair will break less and will be less frizzy AND your skin will retain more of its natural moisture. And I already said it once: the fountain of youth is maintaining yourself hydrated in every way.

Natural Ingredients To Try


Honey, turmeric, green tea, natural yogurt, papaya, avocado, shea and cocoa butter and essential oils like rosehip, rosemary, Ylang Ylang, almond, and coconut are definite yes! Just make sure they are natural, organic and cold-pressed (in case of oils).

Essential Oils


They are super in right now and can do amazing things for you, but the ones that are not cold-pressed, which means they have lost their properties, will cause a major issue and even harm your skin really bad.

Tea Tree Oil


It’s one of the most common nowadays, but you should know (as everything else) it won’t work for everybody. It’s a very strong oil that should be used only in those pimples that you want to dry out. Don’t put it in your entire face or you will regret it.

Natural Ingredients you shouldn’t try


Some things out there are plain crazy. If a Youtuber wants you to put a raw egg in your body, promise me you won’t do it unless salmonella is the secret to eternal beauty without us knowing.



Chemical ones are very VERY strong for your skin and unless your doctor says you have no other choice, you should try some other peels: microdermabrasion (or diamond) peeling is way gentler and side effects are almost none, just a bit of redness that goes away in a few hours.