50 celebrities that fought and still fight with adictions

Addictions are not only a problem for regular people. In fact, many stars suffered them and the condition of famous people made them even worse for them because they had to hide it from the press and the crazy fans. Since the beginning of life, many famous people were weak and had very difficult addictions to cope with while what made them famous. It could be a movie star, it could be a passion for music or even a career in politics. All of them had troubles with cocaine, heroin, alcohol, sex, and many different other vices. Here are a few of the most recognizable stars with serious problems.

Robert Downey Jr.


He is maybe one of the most beloved heroes in the Marvel franchise. Being the best Iron Man that anyone can imagine Robert had a big problem with heroin in his past life.

Charlie Sheen

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There might be impossible to find a drug that Charlie Sheen didn’t use. Recently, thanks to his addiction to sex, the actor confessed that he got AIDS. Except for that, his character from Two and a Half Men wasn’t that fictional.

Edgar Allan Poe


Being one of the most beloved writers and considered one of the fathers of the detective gender, Poe had a really big problem: Opium. He was really into it, and sometimes he got lost for a very long time.

Keith Richards


He even assured that he once used the ashes of his beloved father as a drug. I’m not sure if that made any effect but that’s the proof of a really heavy using life.

Phillip Seymour Hoffman

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Consider one of the best actors in this era he was really addicted to heroin. He was found dead in his apartment due to a heavy OD. Many fans still cry for him.

Benjamin Franklin (really)


Considered one of the founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin had a really hard experience with heroin. He struggled with it while he worked his days as a politician. Would you still put him in a bill?

Bradley Cooper


Alcoholism was paradoxically a big issue in the life of Bradley Cooper. Beyond every joke you can make with Hangover movies, the actor had a really bad time regarding the drinks.

Daniel Radcliffe


Many people feared that this young actor from Harry Potter could follow the sad steps of Macaulay Culkin. Apparently, he was smart enough to change his behavior on time. Ten points for Gryffindor!

Carrie Fisher


What wasn’t she on? She was one of the best professionals but when it came to vices she had it all. Alcohol, Cocaine and who knows what else. She sadly died in December 2016.

Billy Joel


Many times in his life, the singer of the hits Piano Man and Uptown girl admitted that he was struggling with alcoholism. It was a hard battle in his life, trying to make those ghosts go away.

Stephen King


It makes sense, Doesn’t it? Who could think of all those stories if it wasn’t because of the alcohol? Talking seriously, he had a really serious problem with the drinks.

Robin Williams


One of the most missed actors from the last decade. He was struggling with his addiction to cocaine and alcohol and sadly he died in the middle of some of his battles.

Betty Ford


Many people knew about the addiction that Betty Ford had to alcohol and painkillers. But, if you could think like she for a while. Could you understand that if we are talking about the wife of a former president?

Mel Gibson


Mel Gibson had a really big trouble with alcohol even being caught driving under the influence of an alcohol night. Maybe the Oscar nomination in 2017 helped him change a little.

Lindsay Lohan

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She was one of the biggest promises of the industry after a great movie called The parent trap. However, the substance abuse put that on hold for a little while.

David Hasselhoff

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One of the beloved characters from Baywatch. He suffered a difficult illness called alcoholism and battle his drink issues for a very long time. He looked for help in 2007 and in 2015 went public about his problem for the last time.

Matthew Perry


Dealing with success can’t be hard for many people. Perry was really successful thanks to his part in Friends. But he fell deeply in alcohol and painkillers many times. Could it BE any sadder?

Brad Pitt


The problem with alcohol was one of the reasons that ended the marriage between Brad an Angelina Jolie. Last year he finally admitted that and said that he was working to solve the problem with alcohol.

John Belushi


He was even on the cover of the Rolling Stone magazine. Heroin and cocaine were the drugs that even caused his death by overdose. He did try to stop many times, but couldn’t help it.

Kurt Cobain

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An amazing artist not only in the music World but also drawing. Had you seen the documental Montage of heck? An amazing journey to the world of Kurt, even taking a look at his heroin problems.

Martin Sheen


The father of Charlie was an alcoholic. Till he joined alcoholic anonymous and beat the illness. According to his words, religion was also a big tool to keep the head up.

Jamie Lee Curtis


The actress from scream became addicted to painkillers after a surgery when she was 35. She finally could recover and said this was one of the best accomplishments of her life.

Kelly Osbourne

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She once confessed taking up to 50 tablets of Vicodin in one day. Finally, she went to rehab in 2009 and in a month felt strong enough to quit the process. She was cured.

Nicole Richie


She was arrested in 2003 after the police found heroin between her stuff. For that reason, she went to rehab. It was the beginning of the recovery for the fashion designer.

Drew Barrymore

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The actress started drinking at 9, smoking weed at 10 and using cocaine at 12. ET wasn’t a great school for her. With time, she learned to balance the doses to stay sober enough.

Elton John

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Thinking in his retirement, Elton John will have some days for meditating about his addictions. One of the biggest problems for the piano man was the cocaine. He started using in 1974.

Steven Tyler

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The singer of Aerosmith even claimed to have spent more than 20 million dollars in cocaine and heroin. The last time he went to rehab was in 2009 for an addiction to painkillers.

Angelina Jolie


She told in a few interviews that she took almost every drug at the reach of her hands. Her favorite was heroin, but also did ecstasy, LSD, and cocaine. Apparently, she beat the illness.

Russell Brand


He was really addicted and beat the problems of using heroin and consuming too much alcohol. The problems even cost him the relationship with Katy Perry. Would you say he regret that?

Eric Clapton


Depression pushed the musician to use heroin between 1971 and 1972. With a little help from some friends, Clapton beat that addiction in 1974. What’s with the Cocaine song?

Samuel L. Jackson

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The star from Pulp Fiction and many other Quentin Tarantino movies claimed to have overdosed at least three times in his life. It was that third time with heroin that made him quit.


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The singer of Get the party started overdosed in 1995 and claimed that never used any other substance again. Do you believe in her confession or you think she is a liar?

Ozzy Osbourne

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In 1978 Ozzy admitted for the first time in his life that he was struggling with substance abuse. Since then, he was fighting his disease trying to prove that there’s a way out.

Amy Winehouse


One of the famous members of the club of the 27 died in curious circumstances. Many people say that she died from overdose, even though the studies after her death never were that conclusive.

Diego Maradona


The best player to ever put a foot in a field. He was addicted to many substances, mainly cocaine, and struggled against this illness his entire life. He almost died a few years ago due to his addiction.

Janis Joplin


Considered one of the best female voices ever heard in the history of music, Joplin had a really hard problem dealing with her addiction to heroin. Which is your favorite Joplin song?

Jim Morrison

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Another of the members of the club of the 27. He was addicted to psychedelic drugs such as LSD, but also used a little cocaine now and then. Even though it was never confirmed, he was supposedly dead of an OD.

Truman Capote


He never hid his feelings about life and joys of the life. His one problem was his addiction to tranquilizers that finally got him dead when was celebrating his 60th birthday.

Sigmund Freud

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Considered the father of the modern psychoanalysis, Freud had one big problem in his life: Drugs. He was mainly addicted to cocaine and he even published a book talking about the consequences of using.

Naomi Campbell


In spite of being the first supermodel of race, Naomi Campbell paid the consequences with her health. She was sadly addicted to cocaine, a drug she used to cope with his life.

Elvis Presley

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The king. He died after a cardiac arrest most likely produced by an OD. He was addicted to almost everything from alcohol to heroin and even liquid cocaine and sedatives.

Whitney Houston


The actress from The bodyguard used mainly cocaine and marijuana. But according to many confessions she wasn’t against trying new substances in her life so she might have everything you might think of.

Aldous Huxley

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One of the best authors I have ever read, father of the novel A happy world had a really big issue with LSD. According to his declarations, he used for experimentation. But he was clearly addicted to it.

Marilyn Monroe

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The actress was mainly addicted to sedatives and alcohol that even provoke her to miscarriage. She was found dead in her Californian bedroom after a high dose of pills. Only that is the most accepted version, but not the confirmed truth.

Jimi Hendrix

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Considered one of the best guitarists that ever played on a stage, Hendrix had a strong addiction to Hashish, LSD, and heroin that caused his death after choking in his own vomit at the age of 27.

Macaulay Culkin

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He was considered the future of Hollywood thanks to many roles including the amazing Home Alone franchise. However, his addiction to marijuana and some medications paused his career.

Heath Ledger


Even though he was really addicted to marijuana, heroin and some other stuff, Ledger was found dead after consuming some medications in what was consider a sad accident.

Mike Tyson


The former boxer was addicted to a few substances like cocaine. Maybe those were the reasons that pushed to make that weird face tattoo. Did you like him in the Hangover movie?

Michael Jackson


The musician who died in 2009 was addicted to many opiates and some analgesic drugs. So child abuse wasn’t the only problem in the life of this prolific artist and the best dancer ever seen.

Frank Sinatra

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The beloved singer was addicted to cocaine but also had problems with abuse of alcohol. Next may it will be the 20th anniversary of his death when he was 82 years old.