50 Food Hacks That Are Borderline Genius


Cooking is something that a lot of people enjoy. Also, something that a lot of people do just because they have to eat.

These days, people are too busy to devote a lot of time to cooking during the work week. It seems there are more important things. So, those that enjoy cooking make use of the weekends to cook in advance. But this article will most benefit those who don’t actually enjoy it.

In this article, you will find 50 food hacks that are borderline genius. They will make your cooking so much easier. Just try them and see.




Strawberries are delicious. But hulling them can be a pain. An easy way to do it is with a drinking straw. First, lift the leaves a little. Then, gently but firmly insert a drinking straw into the bottom and push up to remove the hull and leaves.



If you love iced coffee, then this hack is for you. A good way to have iced coffee all year round is to freeze it. First, brew some fresh coffee. Pour it into an ice cube tray. And there you have it!