50 Important Tips You Can’t Miss If You Are Trying To Lose Weight

There comes a moment when you see yourself in the mirror and you do not like what it shows you. The usual stuff. But eventually, you become tired and sick of it. You know the moment has arrived and it is time to start a diet. But, how? What difference it will make from the tons of other times you tried and never succeeded? Well, you never had the insight of an expert on dieting. I’m not a nutritionist, but I’ve been on a diet since I was 10 years old. And I never achieved a single goal until I was 24. I lost almost 60 pounds and never gain them again. And this is why I wrote this article, so my experience can help everyone out there.

First things first


If you are that kind of person who needs to know how everything works and you have no idea what it takes for you to lose weight, it is quite simple: if you burn more than the calories you consume, you will lose weight



If you count calories and become obsessed about it, you will become filled with anxiety and that is not good for a diet. Mental health is everything, the food is only a percentage of it.

Count your blessings


Like I said before, there is no use for you to become obsessed with counting calories, BUT it is necessary for you to know what type of nutrients and vitamins you are consuming. So do it, but be careful.



There are tons of studies and research made and all of them prove that if you have your meals at the exact same hour every day, it is best for your health. Your body thrives on routines.



Also, don’t have too much on your dinner because you will feel bloated and you will gain tons of unnecessary weight from it. In fact, if you can have dinner 3-4 hours before bed, it is for the best



Our body is mostly made from water. Like the 70%. So it shouldn’t be a surprise if I tell you it is super important to consume at least 6 glasses of water each day. Trust me, you will thank me later

Boost your organism


Consuming water not only will help you in terms of a diet, it is a healthy habit that will improve your organism for the rest of your life. For example, it is great for dry skin.

Before eating


A trick I use every day is that I drink to glasses of water right before having a meal. That way, I will feel more full and I won’t need to eat that much. Just make sure there is a space of 20 minutes from the intake of water to the proper meal.

Waking up


When you wake up, have a glass of water. This was hard for me to accomplish, but it will wake up your organism and especially your organs. You might feel a little bit of stomach ache at first but it goes away eventually



If you crave food and is not yet the moment to eat, have a glass of water. Sometimes your body only needs that and you can receive mixed signals from your brain, making you believe that you are hungry.

Miracles don’t work


Trust me on this, there is no miraculous diet. It is impossible to lose tons of weight in a couple of weeks and being able to maintain the results. You must remain calm, constant and patient.



The diet plans you will find on the internet are not made for you and they won’t help you at all. You must learn how to eat first, so it can become a lifestyle and not only something you do for the moment



It is a great idea if you keep a journal where you write your thoughts and emotions from every day and alongside you keep track of the meals you have. That way, you can learn how your emotions are handled and if you eat your feelings

Keeping track


Dieting is hard. This is why I do not recommend to keep track of your weight every single day of your life. It will become unbearable eventually. A couple of times per week is fine

Aim low


Set a couple of monthly goals and don’t get frustrated if you do not achieve them. Perhaps you are aiming too high from the beginning and you can moderate that as time goes by

Ask for guidance


If you feel like this is too much for you, ask for help. You can talk with a friend, your family, or even turn to a professional. Don’t be afraid or shy, they studied that for a reason



The most important part of a diet is knowing how to select your meals. Learn how to buy food, the best quality, the greatest combination. Learn the basics

Restrictions are restricted


Do not restrict yourself if you are craving a slice of pizza. Just do not eat the entire pizza and it will be fine. A slice or two is perfect. Don’t worry about it.

Fruits and vegetables


Fruits and vegetables are your friends, and they contain tons of vitamins and fiber. They are good for weight loss, to maintain a healthy level of cholesterol and to prevent several diseases.



If you have one of those weekends where you forget what a diet was, do not punish yourself. You are learning and it is just fine. Don’t use it as an excuse to finish the hard work you’ve been doing



Water and smoothies are great when you are on a diet. Try to avoid caffeine and alcohol, they are not good for your health and they contain tons of calories.



Do not eliminate snacks completely from your daily intake of calories, but don’t lose yourself in them. Not eating them will make them more desirable, but you can cut the amount to half of the usual “doses”

Healthy replacements


There are several replacements for the fatty snacks we usually have. For example fruits, vegetables, protein bars, smoothies, yogurt, dried nuts crispy and dried fruit. You can have them on small bags inside your purse



Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you do not have breakfast, your brain and body simply won’t work the proper way. And don’t worry about the calories, they will likely be burnt within the day

Size matters


The size of your meal is important. Some people say it should be the size of a tennis ball, others say it should be the size of your hand. The most important thing is not eating from the package, so you can count how much you are eating



The balance of food on your plate is everything. For example, the meat should be only a quarter of the plate. The salad should be half or even more than that.

Learn how to eat


Learn how to read all the labels so you can tell if something is proper for your diet or not. Do not forget, the idea is that you will learn how to eat for the rest of your life.

Famous diets


Stay away from “the diet that Madonna and Kim Kardashian does” perhaps it works great on them, and this is mostly because a professional made it for those girls. You do not have the same weight, age or requirements of calories

Don’t skip meals


Never try to skip a meal, and don’t you dare never having breakfast. It might be your worst mistake. Trust me on this, don’t worry if you had too much food during lunch, you should have dinner no matter what



A detox diet is good for starters for example, if you feel like you have been eating tons of junk food or you haven’t been feeling so good. But this does not work on the long term.



Diet is not the only thing you must do in order to live a healthier life or even if you are trying to lose weight. You must exercise at least four times a week.



Like I said before, it is only a matter of being constant and patient. At first exercise will be painful, but with the passing days it will become easier for you.



If you feel like working out is not your thing, at least try walking 30 minutes a day. Or you can climb up and down stairs a few times. Eventually, it will go easy on you

Tons of activities to do


Maybe going to the gym is not your thing, and it is fine. You can try running, swimming, taking a dance lesson, whatever activity that suits you best. The idea is to remain active during the day and boosting your metabolism



Try to maintain a routine and increase it as the months are passing by. This is crucial, because eventually your body becomes used to it, and then you won’t be losing any weight or gaining muscle



If you feel like you are willing to work out, but you do not have that much time, try something called HIIT (High-Intensity Interval training). Just make sure you have that kind of energy to try it because it requires tones of it.

Fat or muscle?


If you want to lose fat, you must exercise in the morning. But if you are trying to gain some muscle, the best for you is to work out in the afternoon

Look for a teacher


If you are going to the gym, make sure that someone (a professional) is checking up on you and giving you the proper routine based on your requirements. Otherwise you might end hurting yourself



If going solo is not your things, perhaps you might find useful working out with a friend or a working colleague. That way the both of you can help the other and they won’t give up

Good fat


There is something called “good fat” and this is the kind of fat you must aim to consume. For example, avocado and several types of fish, such as salmon are the ones that contain tons of good fat.



The most important thing when you are trying to lose weight is to find out the main reason. Is it because you are having a health condition? Is is an aesthetic reason?

The sky is the limit


Once you find the reason, you can set small goals for every month and maintain a correct schedule. You can even read motivational books to keep you inspired. The sky is the limit

Long term goals


Once you set your short term goals, you must set the long term goal. For example, ” I want to lose 50 pounds by the end of the year”. But do not be so hard on yourself if you don’t accomplish it. Be patient

Become succesful


The most important thing for you is to visualize yourself achieving your goals and becoming successful. Imagine what other things you can accomplish if you get rid of those years of suffering

Treat yo self


Treat yourself. This is the most important advice for you, from the entire article. If you lose more than you imagined for the month, go shopping and buy some shoes!



When it comes to clothes, my advice for you is to adjust the ones you already have and once you achieve your long term goal, go shopping, There is no reason for you to spend tones of dollars every single month

Show your results


Do not talk about your work or your effort, show them your results. People will talk, always, and they will try to bring you down. This is why it is the best if you don’t say anything and you show up all recovered and pretty



There are tons of stories about how people achieved their goals and they lost several pounds. Listen to them, ask for tips or any piece of advice they can give you



Mental health is everything, not only in order to lose weight, but mostly if you are trying to fix your aesthetic. For example yoga is a must and it will help you bringing some peace of mind

Peace of mind


Be brave and patient. Do not lose yourself on the journey. Be confident and never forget who you are. Remember, you have the power to transform your life, and your body.