50 Unknown Uses Of WD-40 That Will Change Your Life

You may even don’t know this magic bottle or perhaps you are already a fan, but whatever the case you need to read this because this hidden uses will blow your mind. For those who don’t know the product, WD40 is a penetrating oil and water-displacing spray. Its been on the market since 1953 and the rest is history. The formula is a secret and maybe because of that, their competitors are not as good as the original WD40. From the many uses that this product has, we prepared a list with the most uncommon ones: from stain remover to bug repellent, this tiny bottle holds many secret uses and we are ready to develop the top 50 of them. If we can’t convince you to buy one after reading this you should also check the manufactured website who claims to provide more then 2000 uses for the WD40!

Crayon Marks


So your kids were alone and they went crazy on the walls with the crayons? Well, we have the solution for you: spray some WD-40 onto a sponge and clean the walls or any other surface that the crayon had reached.

Faster Digging


You only need to spray some WD40 on your garden spade and then it would be much easier to make that digging in the garden for the season plants renewal.

Tea Stains


If you were in a hurry this morning and you poured your tea on the kitchen counter, you must be wondering how to get rid of the stains once you come back home: spray some WD40 and wipe away.

Plastic Plants


If you are a proud owner of plastic plants at home, have no fear. You know these type of plants lose its shine after a while: you can clean it with WD40 and it will be as good as new.

Blue Ink


If your pen cracked inside the pocket of your favorite pair of jeans, we know how messy it can be. Spray some WD40 on the stain, leave it a few minutes and wash as usual.

Dog Poop


We know dogs can’t pick up their poop, and sometimes owner doesn’t even. If you have your favorite shoes with dog poop we now have good news: spray some WD40 and wait a few minutes to clean it much more easily.

Remove Adhesive Tags


There is nothing more tedious than buying a new DVD or book and never be able to remove the adhesive tag on it. Well, the WD40 can do that for you and any other plastic surface.

Chewing Gum


There is nothing worst that step on a chewing gum with your shoes, thankfully WD40 can help to pull the gum off and clean your favorite shoe. This also works with carpets or even your hair.



Hair Brushes can be tricky to clean but at the same time you need to have them clean, otherwise it can be really gross. If you spray the brush with WD40 it will make the process much easier.



If you need to have your favorite pair of shoes waterproof, the solution is also in the bottle of WD40: spray the shoes with the product and prepared them for the rainy days.

Free Legos


It’s a common thing if you have kids to have several legos blocks stuck, spray with some WD40 on them, wait a few minutes and the legos will be free.

Toothpaste Stain


If you brushed your teeth in a hurry this morning, chances are you have a stain of toothpaste on your cloth and your bathroom. Use some WD40 to help remove the toothpaste in both.

Clogged Inkjet


As the WD40 is not recommended for electrical items, we suggest to save this tip to an old printer. You can unstick a clogged inkjet nozzle very easily by using our star product.

Candle Wax And Glue


If you thought your favorite carpet was ruined after that candle fell off, then you are about to be really happy to know that you can safe that carpet from candle wax and even from glue with WD40.

Beavers Out


Beavers are a cute animal but is also a destructive one in some areas, if you spray some WD40 on the trees it will keep these and another small animals away.

Dead Insects


If you had a lovely weekend in the countryside, then you will find your car full of dead insects from the road trip. The best way to clean them off without harming the car’s paint is by using some WD40.

Fishing Lure


WD40 is a great polisher for the lures, and it helps the fishing as well. It is a best kept secret among the fishing people and is special for fly fishing.



If you spray some WD40 outside you will be able to prevent mildew from growing. Is also a great tip for any other outdoor surface on your garden.

Wasps Out


We already learned WD40 is a good insect repeller, do if you house is always with wasp nest this could come handy: spray some product and once a year on the spot and there would be no nest.

Bathroom Tiles


It’s hard to keep your bathroom tiles spotless: mascara, toothpaste, paint, everything goes there. You can easily clean it with some WD40 on a sponge, clean and all set!

Bird Feeder


If you want to keep the squirrels out of your birds feeders, you can spray the empty feeder with some WD40, place the food and voila! No more squirrels eating your birds food.

Fake Snow


This next Christmas you can spray all that you want with your fake snow because you will know the trick to get rid of it. Just spray some DW40 over the windows and all that fake snow will go away.

Oil Spots


There is nothing worst that you car broken and the oil stains on the garage floor. Luckily DW40 can be used for cleaning those impossible stains from once and for all.

Lawn Mower


This is a pro tip for all those gardeners out-there: spray your hover lawn mower with some WD40 to avoid the grass sticking underneath the machine.

Squeaky Shoes


This is an annoying thing for you and for all those around you when you are wearing those squeaky shoes, so WD40 says it can also fix this. Spray some magic and see if it works.

Slug And Snail Repellent


Oh those lovely nature creatures can be a headache in any garden. But you can now spray with some WD40 and it would continue to work as a repeller even after the rain thanks to the waterproof power.

Spiders Out


OK, this tip is only to keep spiders out but in the garden, is not valid for indoors. You just have to spray the areas with some WD40 and those little, or not so little, spiders will be out.

Waterproof Chalk Lines


If you need to draw a chalk line and keep it for a time, WD40 is going to be your best friend: spray some on the chalk lines and it will become waterproof until you no longer need it.

Stuck Rings


Nothing worst than a stuck ring, but you can easily fix it by spraying some WD40 into the ring and it will be out of your finger in seconds. Be sure to wash your hands after.

Glue Out Of Hands


Did you help your kid with its science project and now your hands are full of glue? Well, WD40 can help you to get rid off that sticky glue for good and with no effort.

Stuck Zippers


If you can be careful we can teach you the next super tip for loosening a stuck zipper: spray some WD40 on the zipper but no on the clothing because it can create a stain.

Stains From Silly Strings


Oh, the Silly Strings can be a very fun thing to play with your kids and at parties, but you can get the worst stains from it. So to fix that our friend WD40 can help: spray the stain and wash the clothing as usual.



This is a tricky one, but you can actually spray some DW40 on your vinyls to prevent skipping and lubricate. Although the product does leave a residue, perhaps is no for the newest ones.

Shine Surfaces


This is a genius tip for all the photographers: you can make a surface or floor shine immediately with some WD40, your photos will look like a pro and it won’t be a slippery surface.

Old Duct Tape


Duct tape is a great invention and we guess it was not meant to be removed, but sometimes you change your mind and you need to remove an old duct tape: don’t worry, WD40 and all set.

Car Stickers


If you no longer want that sticker in your car or you never put it there in the first place, then you can use the WD40 to remove the residues from those ugly car stickers.

Mud Free


If you want a clean and safe ride of your bicycle this weekend, simply spray some WD40 in the bicycle chains and you will have a clean and beautiful ride.

Twister Game


If you want to make the things a little more complicated with this already tricky game, then you can spray some WD40 on the mat. Another level for the game now.

Snake Charmer


Hopefully, you will never need this tip but we thought it may be good to know. It has been reported that a bus driver from Asia used WD40 to remove a snake from his bus. Charming, right?

Polishes Oven


If you own one of those modern ovens with shiny surfaces all over, you can use some WD40 for cleaning it. Be sure to clean with water afterward to remove any residue from the product.

Protect Your Silver


This is a life hack: you can protect your silver and cleaning you can use WD40. Protects the silver from tarnishing and keeps your silver shining for more time.

Clean Your Guitar


DW40 uses are endless and her goes another marvelous one: you can keep your guitar clean and lubricate the strings with this trusted product. Be sure to place the product in small amounts for this one.

Flies Away


We already mentioned that this product can keep the insects away, and since the flies are the most annoying one, DW40 can keep help. Is commonly use to spray the cows and horses, but not on the face.



The chalkboards are something trendy on the houses now, and you can keep them clean and good as new by using the DW40 for that task. Now you have the secret for a new chalkboard everyday.

Lipstick Stains


So you mark your favorite shirt with lipstick and now there is nothing to clean it? Even if you already washed it, put some WD40 on the stain and the wash again. Done!

Untangle Chains


This one can be a nightmare we know, chains and jewelry tangled is literally the worst. But now that you will learn the pro secret you can be relax: spray some WD40 on and it will be much easier to untangle.

Barbecue Cleaning


Of course, we all enjoy the summer evenings with a great barbecue, but the cleaning can be something really tricky. DW40 can help you with that! Just be sure to burn the barbecue before putting the next meal.

Terracotta Vases


If your last vacations were any place near Mexico, we are sure you wanted a souvenir for your home and you got one of those terracotta vases. The good news is that you can keep it out of oxide with the WD40.



If you recently remodeled your bathroom and added a shower glass panel you know it doesn’t keep clean for long. Well, you can spray it with some WD40 and avoid the water to stain the glass.

Marble Scratches


This is one of the best uses ever for the trusty WD40: you can erase those ugly scratches from your beautiful marble pieces on your kitchen. And as you can see there is nothing WD40 can’t do!