Creepy Things People Have Found Inside Their Homes

Houses can hold a lot of memories and of course, a lot of stuff. Some people hoard their belongings in their garages to the point of not being sure on how most of those things got there in the first place. These are the stories of different objects that were found with no explanation at their homes and even some of them can be quite expensive and beautiful some of them are just creepy. Without an explanation on how they were hoarded in the first place, they will remain forever a mystery. What would you do if you found one of these objects in your home?


Daily Mail

This is a great story about how things work out in the end: a bankrupt couple was getting ready to have their home taken by the bank authorities and found a vintage comic that is valued in over a million dollars.

A well


Have you ever seen the movie The Ring? If you have, this well will give you nothing but chills and a great thrive of moving out of that house a soon as you can if you ever want to sleep again.

Mystery door


It may be a joke from the previous home owner but let’s be honest: who would want to take a chance and open a door that leads who knows where? Not me for sure.



Who doesn’t love to play Monopoly? Well, if you do, let me tell you that you are not the biggest fan: someone set a Monopoly board in the whole floor of a bedroom, and it’s really cool.


House Logic

There would be nothing weird about a kitchen but this one was located in the basement, which makes it very strange to think if someone was being held there for years and needed one.



Old photos can be easily forgotten during a moving, but this one in not only vintage but extremely weird and creepy. No offense to the baby, but I would rather not find this at home.



A military size skittles pouch was found in a home and it wouldn’t be weird to find any leftover candy there but this was never in circulation, which turns it into an odd finding.


NY Daily News

This is probably the greatest strike of good luck someone could possibly have: this antique figurine was found in a house and sold later on for over five million dollars in an auction. Not bad at all.



A couple who had just move into their new home found a safe containing 1960’s bourbon unopened, a Bingo set and finally: 50.000 dollars in cash. Just in case of an emergency.



We are not ones to judge kids and what do they choose to play with, but this is one scary dummy to have at home. I don’t know about you but I would rather play with an empty box and be much happier.

A painting


There is nothing as subjective as art and probably what someone finds beautiful, another one finds horrible. In this case, we have nothing to say about this bunny painting other than it’s creepy as hell.



A young couple was remodeling their brand new purchased home and were lucky enough to find 45.000 dollars in cash stored in two boxes. More than enough to get some new painting and furniture.



We know that more than one Star Wars fan would be thrilled to find this linoleum floor in one of the bedrooms of their house: the resemblance to the beloved R2-D2 character is outstanding.

Empty safe


If you happen to find a safe buried in the floor of your home, you would at least expect to find some money on it. Sadly, this was not the case and the only thing this safe was filled with was disappointment.

Blast from the past


Remember when watching a movie took a bigger effort than having electricity and wi fi at home? We would love to find something like this and never let us forget our roots and where we came from.

Time out


Time out is a classic punishment for kids when you need them to think about their actions and calm down. However, having a room just for this use seems at the very least, a bit excessive.



Remember that boy in Toy Story that was obsessed with harming toys? Someone found out after they moved that there were many hurt dolls with missing parts of them there.



A treasure hunt sounds like a lot of fun to play with your friends but we are not sure how fun it can be when you have no idea what the treasure might be and what you will find.



A couple of newlyweds found in their brand new love nest a bunch of home bottled beer bottles from the time where drinking was forbidden and we assume it was contraband.



Clowns have to make a living too and it is not that unusual to find a costume in an old house… unless you are afraid of them (like a lot of people are) and it’s creepy.

Art in the wall


We are not sure if this is some piece of extravagant art like Phoebe from Friends did or if there was some sort of psycho living there and this is what it looks like.



Shelters were very commonly build in the 60s by families who were concerned about their safety and survival in case of war. More than 50 years later, seems odd to find one.


Getty Images

This was found hidden in an abandoned house after the new owners moved in. It seems like it was being held there since the prohibition and nobody took it out before the old owners left.


The Telegraph

Finding a grenade in your house is not only weird but extremely dangerous: the thing could explode with no previous notice and cause a tragedy.



If finding a grenade at home is dangerous, imagine finding a bomb. We dont know how such a thing was hidden in a house but we sure are grateful we were not the ones to find it.



Artsy homeowners are everywhere and some of them leave a piece of their art behind when they leave: this very complex mural was found in one of the bedrooms and it’s not bad at all.

More money


Apparently, there are many people who don’t mind leaving a small fortune behind: it is quite impressive when you hear how many stories of left behind cash there are. Maybe the next lucky person to find some will be you.

Love letters


Someone found 31 handwritten love letters from World War I in the basement of his new house and we are jealous: what a great story to read and be a part of. If they end up together, of course.

Stained glass


Behind a painting that was left behind in their new bought home someone found two pieces of Chicago praire stained glass which were hidden to be kept safe. Too bad they were left behind.



Finding jewelry may be another way of life to tell you that you are truly blessed and lucky: some pieces may be worth millions and some people had enough luck to find them.

Van Gogh


An unsigned Van Gogh piece was found in a house after they moved in: even though without a signature works of art can lose a lot of their value, it’s still worth a lot of money.



This rusty knife that looks very antique was found in a home’s ceiling with no explanation. Judging by the rust on it, this was probably there a long time before anyone moved in.



Someone found an old peanut butter jar filled with corn. Doesn’t seem that weird since it’s food you may have at home, except this was stored since the mid seventies. That’s some old corn.

Founder’s keepers


We have read many stories about people finding money by chance but what makes this one unique is the ending: a man found 45,000 dollars and managed to find the owner and return them.

Real antiques


Why would you spend your Saturday afternoon antique shopping when you have the chance to find some treasures in your home that are more than 2,000 years old?

Grandma’s stuff


Grandmother tend to store and hoard the most ridiculous things in their houses, and this is a great example of it: all of this was found in a grandmother’s home after she passed on.

Dangerous things


We are not sure if whoever lived in this house was in the military or was just up to no good, but a lot of guns, some cash and a grenade were found in this basement and we are glad we are not the ones who found them.

Living Room


Can you imagine what was going on in your home way before you moved in or even before the house was constructed? This couple found a medieval well beneath the floor of their own living room.



What you are seeing in the back of this proud family is an amazing finding: a part of history and some local paintings and murals that won’t be repainted anytime soon.

Traveler’s cash


People say we never get to know our neighbors and what goes on behind closed doors but even less we know who lived before us: this family found money from every currency in the world there.

A threat


Letters, some valuable watches, mysterious tapes and of course: a warning that would scare the crap out of anyone who finds it. Save yourself from what? From who? Nothing like feeling unsafe in your own home.

An ancient chapel


Can you imagine the amount of energy that a chapel has? A family found an old chapel hidden in their basement construction. Whether they are religious or not, it’s a pretty weird discovery.

An ancient chapel


Can you imagine the amount of energy that a chapel has? A family found an old chapel hidden in their basement construction. Whether they are religious or not, it’s a pretty weird discovery.

Game changer


There is nothing strange about finding game pieces like chess pieces, cards and monopoly figurines in an old house…except you find an amazing total of 4,000 of them stored in there. Weird at least.



Some findings are extraordinary and historic and we can understand why someone would keep them, like this newspaper from the day after Kennedy was murdered that is a piece of written history.

A head


A 400 years old head was found inside an abandoned house by some workers that were working on construction. Probably under some treatment to keep in this way and of course, scary as hell.

This ornament


Probably this is not as weird as finding a human head but this ornament is still very strange: a frog riding a turtle that maybe has some special meaning but without any explanation, it just looks weird.

This painting


Art is subjective and the point here is not whether we like this or not, but to know that someone found this at their grandmother’s home and it was made by her…and it’s a portrait of her.

Teeth and glass eye


Someone must be in trouble if they forgot their teeth and glass eye before leaving the house and moving. It’s like your cellphone charger: always make sure you have it with you.



There are a lot of people who enjoy for some reason stuffing dead animals and making them a part of their decoration: someone left behind this squirrels who are set in the weirdest positions and situations.