Famous Places As You´ve Never Seen Them Before

There are places in this world that are famous. They are so famous everyone knows where they are and everyone has seen at least a picture of them. But in some cases they are always taken from the same spot, or a similar one. What happens if we switch things a little bit and see those places from a different angle? I’m sure there’s a lot of them you won’t even recognize. This can be a fun game! Here you will find fifty of those famous places like you’ve never seen them before. Check out this Famous places as you never seen them before.



This is the Bavarian village of Nördlingen, that was built entirely inside the crater of a meteor that hit the place 15 million years ago. A funny thing is that when the meteor hit the ground, the pressure created diamonds, that were used to build the houses.



I bet you have seen pictures of the Great Wall of China everywhere. But they are usually taken in the middle and all things have to end, right? This is the end of the Great Wall.