Easy Tips To Improve Your Life

You don’t need to make extreme changes in order to modify your lifestyle, as baby steps will take you to huge results if you are determined enough. Most of the time we end up reading almost impossible to follow tips that describe themselves as life-changing, however, this tip list is actually simple to follow. The secret to being successful with this is that there aren’t any drastic changes: these suggestions were designed to be easily done and can give you great and quick results as well. They include a wide range of topics: from fitness, eating habits, time-management to sleeping habits. It really isn’t necessary to follow all of them, because if you perform at least ten of these tips, you will eventually surprise yourself at how effortless attained are the results. So, before beginning, keep your mind open, get ready to be more productive and start implementing this advice as soon as you can.

Great effort


Start by doing the best you can in every task or action you do, such as tidying up your bedroom or trying to be in a good mood. Then, after applying this to yourself, apply it to the rest.

The Bright Side of Things


Try to understand what others do in the best possible way, instead of accusing a person of being wrong or acting with bad intentions, think that maybe it was just that, a misunderstanding and that the other person had nothing but good intentions.

Don’t compare


When comparing, one tends to belittle or to feel envy, both outcomes are not positive at all. So, instead of comparing, whatever thing it may be, just be realistic and grateful for what you have and what you have achieved.

Practice empathy


Continue by putting yourself in others’ shoes, you can do this by following the other person’s thinking process and try to understand how they got to their point of view instead of yours’.

Listen carefully


Most of the time, when we find ourselves at a crossroads for whatever situation, we just want to be heard. Switch this up and you start listening to what other people have to say, carefully listening and not thinking about what you are going to answer.

Compliment others


It is nice to hear compliments or approvals once in a while. You should strive for being the person who gives compliments and approvals as a substitute for just hearing them.

The Good action of the day


Another way to improve your life, as well as improving others’ indirectly, is to make a good action daily, doesn’t matter how big or small. This could be the case as carrying bags for someone or just sending a blessing.

Avoid judgment


Avoiding to be judgmental may be difficult for some, so if you cannot completely avoid it, at least attempt to hear the points of view that are involved before being judgmental.

Abstain from snapping at people


Yes, on some days it not that easy to snap at others, but before doing right away after someone has made you upset, try to think about it for a couple of seconds and to reason if it would be a healthy reaction.

Join people you like


As it is not good to be around or involved with toxic people, strive for being associated with people you admire, want to be like or just are proud of. This will inspire you to become a better person yourself.

Be friendly


Strive for being friendly with people you have already met or with someone new, for example, a neighbor you have never spoken with before. If you are shy to do it face-to-face, you can still do it by leaving nice comments on social networks.

Be communicative


You can achieve this with either people you love, like friends, family or your couple, or people you don’t know. Keep it simple with phrases such as “love you”, “have a nice day”, “miss you” or just a nice thought.

To-do Post-Its


Make a DIY board and glue Post-Its to it. In these, you can write to-do things, from don’t forgetting to send an email to make sure you save for a trip. Once you finish doing a task, you can rip off the post it from the board.

The Bright side of people


Try to actively look for good qualities in people, either from someone you know a lot or someone you’ve just met. You can even bring yourself to even tell them their positive aspect.



You can learn to meditate, visualize or even meditate properly. This method, which can be done daily, can help you to calm some anxiety or even face stressing situations better.

Hydrate yourself


As silly as it may sound, drinking water on a daily basis is super beneficial for your health. Staying hydrated benefits your digestive system, your skin and even your brain. Attempt to drink more than 1.5 liters a day.

Stay fit


Staying fit doesn’t necessarily means to lose fat, think of your body as a machine that needs to be maintained properly in order to function well. Maintenance includes eating as healthy as possible as well as doing some kind of exercise.

Walk more


Even if you don’t bring yourself to do exercise, walking is great for a lot of reasons: clearing your mind from stress, improve your lower muscles, just to name a few.

Do exercise


Exercises involve a lot of disciplines, from basketball to golf, to yoga or running. Do whatever you feel the most comfortable doing. Also, doing 20 minutes of exercise a day can achieve great results!

Keep a food diary


Keeping track of what you usually eat is a good habit because it can help you detect unhealthy food. This is not to highlight your bad eating habits, however, by doing this, you can change the food that is making you feel sick or tired.

Healthy food list


If you don’t happen to get creative when choosing what to eat, you can look up menus or meals that include healthy snacks, especially for those hours before dinner you’re so hungry you could eat a cow!

Improve your breakfast


The hectic lifestyle we carry isn’t necessarily compatible with the time we need to feed ourselves, so if you don’t have enough time for lunch, it is recommended to have a full healthy breakfast in order to start your day the best you can.

Replace drinks


If you have trouble drinking water, instead of drinking sodas or coffee you can replace them with a couple of glasses filled with cold water. It has been proved that most times we are not hungry, just thirsty.

Replace soda with natural juice


Replacing sugar-filled drinks with bland water can be a bit of a challenge, so if you still find it difficult to fully replace soda with water, you can trade it for natural juices.

Control your portion size


Just to be clear, this is not to lose weight, but to avoid feeling super bloated after we finish eating. Controlling portion size means to stop eating when you are full, as simple as that.

Eat more fiber


Fiber is mainly found in vegetables, fruits and cereals so imagine this: you can make your diet way richer by eating a bowl of cereals with milk and a fruit you like. You have a great variety of the three of them, so have fun choosing!

Better time management


After studying or working for long periods of time we need to relax, and often we do it by checking our social media accounts. However, if you should be spending your time in another way, stop and ask yourself “is this the best use of my free time?”

Cancel it if you can


Write down a list of things you have to do, then highlight the ones that you don’t really want to do. Then, cross out anything that you can really avoid doing it, like attending a meeting you can skip or staying home instead of going out.

Tidy it up


Organizing and tidying can be boring, but it really is efficient. If you have a messy work desk, a purse filled with things you don’t use or a closet with disorganized clothes, organize and tidy them up. It has been proven we become stressed from our visuals, this is going to help to relax.

Review your week


You can ask yourself some questions in order to help you organize your week the best you can. “What did I accomplish?”, “What did I do right?”, “What do I have to do better?” are some examples.

5-minute tasks


If there is a task that it can take five minutes or less, try to do it as fast as you can. This way, you will have fulfilled a task and won’t procrastinate more than you have to.

Plan your day


Planning your day the night before it can help you to use your time in a more efficient way. Attempt to stick to the plan and you will be surprised at how much you have achieved!

Stop multitasking


One way to do things right is to be concentrated while you are doing them, so instead of doing multiple tasks at the same time and doing them at a 50%, strive for performing only one task and getting it done at a 100%.

Cut down waste time


Identify things that make you waste precious time that you can otherwise use it more efficiently and cut them down, even 20 minutes less, in order for you to spend it wisely.

Keep a diary


Writing down in a diary the activities or tasks you have to do daily will help you to get keep track of unfulfilled to-do things as well as keeping stressing things out of your mind.

Stop wasting money


Try not to buy anything which isn’t completely necessary. If you do this, you will have extra money that can be useful for paying debts, saving for something you have really wanted for a long time, or just as an emergency saving.

Savings Jar


One way to get better at saving money is by putting change in a savings jar. This will definitely be easier if you pay for things with paper money. You should also set a dateline and be surprised with how much you have saved.

Make a budget


A useful tip for being good at saving money is to make a budget at the end of the month. The budget will help you to review if you spend money wisely or to change your wasting habits.

Be determined


A foolproof tip to become the best version of you is to be determined by whatever you want to change. Yes, persistence is also a helpful value, but without determination, it will be much harder.



This is a very beneficial health tip. Strive for stretching before you go to bed and after you wake up in order to release any muscular tension you may have. In this way, you will start (or end) your day a bit more relaxed.

Stop complaining


As a wise man called Bowen once said: negative talk produces negative thoughts and negative thought produce negative results. So, when you start complaining think about it twice and stop yourself.

Learn new things


This is a broad concept, you can learn whatever you set your mind into, from the lyrics of a song you like, the name of the working partner you always forget, to the name a plant or flower you walk by when you go somewhere.

Read a book


You can choose a book you have intended to read but never had the time to do it, look up a list of classic books and pick the one you most like or ask a friend what they would recommend to you. Reading is a great exercise for the brain.

Make a happy list


Write down a list of activities or things that make you happy, such as listening to music when commuting, texting with a loved one, watching an episode of a series you like, etc. Then attempt to multiply the times you do this and avoid skipping it.

Make a thank you list


A list filled with thank you or grateful thought will improve your mindset and help you to get a more positive outlook. Besides you can be appreciative of what you actually have.

Fix it up


Take a look at your house and search for furniture or articles that need to be fixed. If you have the knowledge to fix them, don’t hesitate and just do it, if not, call for someone who can help you and get it done.

Tidy place, tidy mind


Follow this wise mantra: a place for everything and everything in its place. So, when you open a door, close it, if you take something back, put it back in its place, and just follow the tidy rules.

Throw it away


Get rid of things you don’t like or don’t use anymore, such as a pair of shoes that you bought but wore only twice, a bookstand filled with books you haven’t had the time to read, etc.

Get enough sleep


Instead of scrolling down your twitter or facebook feed for limitless hours or doing channel-surfing, turn the tv and lights off, set up your alarm clock (or mobile phone), take a few deep breaths and try to sleep.

60/10 rule


Whenever you find yourself doing a task that takes up a lot of time, follow the 60/10 rule, that is to say, perform the activity for 60 minutes, then take a 10-minute break and resume the activity.

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