Extraordinary Situations That Happened To Ordinary Persons

Have you ever came across a weird finding or situation that seems hard to believe but actually happened? Well, the Internet usually has the ability of gathering those magical moments in pictures so you know that even though it doesn’t make them any less magical, it happens a lot. Have you ever had one of those inexplicable moments happen to yourself? These people did and were lucky enough to have photographic evidence to remember them and also, to have people that can witness how funny life can get sometimes. It maybe a weird person, a coincidence or things we can’t explain, but we love these type of things, don’t you? Life has a funny way: check out these 10+ extraordinary situations that happened to ordinary people

Aisle pants


Walking down the aisle with your arm wrapped around your father might be one of the most magical moments in a woman’s life…except if his pants fall down, in that case is just hilarious.

Tail sucking dog


Have you ever entered a room and found your dog doing something weird for no particular reason? This happened to this man who found his best friend sucking on his own furry tail.



Imagine going to the supermarket for some last-minute grocery shopping like this person did and finding out that the person in front of you waiting in line has a ferret on top of her head.

Google maps


This guy saw the Google maps car next to his home and like most people do, decided to take a selfie with it on the back to post on his social media…without knowing that they pictured it too and add it on google maps.



This person was driving to work on a regular day and saw some emus running like crazy in the middle of the road. The explanation is yet to be found, but this picture is as weird as it is funny.

Daring deer


This man’s grandfather was trying to open his car when for no reason at all, a deer decided to jump on him and hug him. Luckily someone took a picture of that incredible moment to remember.

Large cat caregiver


This woman is someone’s grandmother and she had been telling her family for years that as a vet she would take care of dangerous animals. Nobody would believe her until they found this picture.

Rocket launches


Someone has to take the pictures of rockets when they launch, that is a fact, but this person realized that one of his dearest friends was actually in charge of portraying those outstanding moments.



This man was out of town enjoying a vacation with his family when he noticed a resemblance with the guy on the billboard: yes, he looks exactly like himself and it’s awesome.

Guy with goose


The backstory behind this picture is amazing: a guy was playing with his kids at the park when he saw an adult man walk to a goose, pick him up and leave with him on his arms.



Do you believe in love stories? You will after reading this: a man found a random phone number in a message in a bottle and decided to call. She picked up and they had been together ever since.



This woman works in a store and had been swearing that a turkey was looking at her through the window all week. Nobody believed her until she took this picture. What did the turkey want?



This man and his twin brother were told many times by their mom that when they were kids, they have hanged out with twin sisters…without knowing that they were, in fact, the Olsen twins.



This woman bought a disposable camera and found this picture already taken in it: we don’t know how it out there but it’s kind of scary, don’t you think? We would freak out if it was us.

License plate


This guy decided to remove the license plate out of his car to have it perfectly cleaned up, and found a terrible thing: a lot of bugs seemed to be nesting inside for god knows how long.



We all know raccoons love garbage but we never imagined that it could get to this point: when he was driving to work that morning, this man saw one hanging from the garbage truck.



This is simply hilarious: this man whose photos you can find in the Facebook page of the event have a simple detail: the VIP pass is an old grocery store ticket wrapped around his wrist.

Albino deer


Nature always finds a way to amaze you when you least expect it: in this case this crazy looking albino deer (a very weird variation of the specie) walking around the forest like it’s no big deal.



This person was waiting for his luggage at the airport when suddenly anything he could have bought abroad didn’t look so weird: someone dispatched this tree stick as luggage. It’s so weird.

Chris Pratt


Not only this woman had the exceptional luck to take a picture with Chris Pratt in an event, but also to have Anna Faris on the background making a funny face of disgust. Or she was disgusted.



Can you imagine being bored to death at work, trying to get to a window and catch some air just to find a policeman trying to hold a running cow? This person saw that and took a picture.

Grandpa’s friends


This guy’s grandfather had been bragging about the lady friends he had made at the nursing home and nobody in the family believed him until after passing out, they found this picture at his home.



This man left his car for two minutes and when he tried to get back in found a rabbit who seems ready to take him anywehere. We are not sure how he would reach the pedals, though.



This person opened his car to check on some weird noises coming near the engine and found the most adorable raccoon that you have ever seen looking at him and almost smiling.

Dorito fall


This may seem silly but if you think about it, it’s very unexpected: this man left a Dorito fell down and it landed perfectly like this. We would have taken a picture of it too, by the way.

No glue


If you have some free time on your hands, magical things may happen. This person tried making a figurine out of Jenga pieces and did this with no glue. And it didn’t fall, which makes it extraordinary.

Tom Cruise fake


When visiting Thailand, a couple went to a restaurant and found this strange picture in the wall: someone passed as Tom Cruise, the owners bought it and his picture is proudly there ever since.

Khal Drogo


This may look as a frame of a Game of Thrones episode but actually happened in Austin, Texas and we can’t find any explanation to it other than saying how extraordinary this is.

Unbreakable bottle


How on Earth did this happen? A bottle that was not broken even with a wall on it. Do you think someone threw it like that with fresh cement and it stood there? How did this ever happen?

Donut squirrel


We are used to picture them eating nuts and walking around parks, but someone managed to take this extraordinary picture of a squirrel eating a glazed donut filled with colorful sprinkles.

S and M


We are all up for people doing whatever they want behind closed doors, but someone actually went out of their home and found this particular picture with this men even barking.



Imagine meeting a celebrity in an elevator: in this case this guy ran into famous actor Nicholas Cage and he even got him to get a picture taken of the two while riding it.

Car pooling


This brings a whole new meaning to the concept of car pooling: this man woke up and found his neighbor’s car inside their pool. This is one of the reasons why you shouldn’t drink and drive.

Nose picker


This guy went into the zoo and was offered to hold a bird for the picture: nothing extraordinary there until the bird decided to pick his nose and thank god, it was photographed.

So cold


If you live in freezing places during the winter you will probably understand how terrible weather must have been for this: the toilet water froze and became solid ice, without the chance of flushing it.



Extraordinary findings wait for those who take the time to notice them like this guy who was waiting for the bus, sitting down, and showing that underneath his pants he was also wearing jeans.

Someone had sex


This woman went to get some gas and realized that something weird was on top of the car next to hers: marks of hands that show that somebody had some midnight action on top of it.



A beaver took down a light pole and cut the electricity in many blocks, including this couple’s wedding place. Apparently, he was very offended not to be invited to the party.

Lizard eggs


This man decided to open the lights at home due to some electrical problems and found lizard eggs being nested inside it. If you are terrified of lizards, this photo probably freaked you out.

Empty cup


We don’t know if someone tried to throw it inside and it just landed there or if someone took the time to arrange the empty cup this way, but we know it’s extraordinary how it’s holding up.

Eclipse front row


Many of us can’t even dream to afford a telescope, but this person’s neighbor had an idea and decided to get a front row for the Eclipse in this particular position. Quite remarkable.



Pubs and bars are often a great setting for the unusual and the extraordinary but this picture of a man peeing like this is beyond all expectations. Do you think he made it dry?



This woman was walking near a TV set and was confused for an extra, so she decided to take the chance for some screen time. Her fifteen minutes of fame ended up on the show The preacher.

Window broken on the plane


This might be some of your biggest nightmares, but it did happen and someone took a picture of it: during a commercial flight, the windows on the plane got smashed and here’s how it looked.



Those opening bridges always make us think what would happen if someone doesn’t get to cross in time: this grandmother had that bad luck and ended trapped, but ended the path safely.



A group of young Jewish men was taken to the airport completely blindfolded so they would not be able to see any indecent women around. What a weird thing to see in an airport, don’t you think?



Not only there is a giant Mr. Potatohead in someone’s backyard (which would be extraordinary enough), but there is also a man on his knees praying to it. Why would you do that?

Tiger attack


The backstory behind this picture is amazing: a tiger tamer got his hand stocked inside a tiger’s mouth and decided to take a picture of it in case that was the last time he saw his hand.

That’s not safe


Seeing a man playing the flute is nothing extraordinary, but it kind of is when he is doing it while driving his car like it’s no big deal. Has this man attended any of the driving classes he had to?



We love this type of thing and they are quite extraordinary because we know that after this job, the guy who did this probably lost his job. But it’s worth it, it was very funny, don’t you think?