Interesting Facts


Our world is still considered extremely fascinating and mysterious. Although so much has already been explained. New and often bizarre questions arise again and again. The phrase “I didn’t know that” is rumored again and again, since many things in the world seem really unbelievable – such as a passport for the dead. Yes there is no joking here, but Pharaoh Ramses II really needed it.

But maybe you have already asked yourself why when you enter a new room you forget what you actually wanted to do? This phenomenon is psychological and we also explain in this article. We will also consider why deer respond to baby crying. There are so many questions in this world and for many we already have the answers. In this post you will learn eleven facts that will amaze you.

Every navel is unique

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Over 2400 different types of bacteria live in a navel, more than half of them are also new to science. The interaction of these bacteria is therefore responsible for the appearance of our navel.

Deer react to crying babies

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The reason for this phenomenon is that baby crying is in the same frequency range as that of a fawn. The same thing happens to us when we hear the whimper of newborn mammals.SEITENUMBRUCH