Films about viral outbreaks you should (or shouldn’t) avoid

We’re living in strange times. It seems that “normal” life is an unfamiliar concept nowadays, and it might be a while before we can settle into this new reality. We want to help you forget for a while about the COVID-19, so we made a list of films where an outbreak happened. Because these days, what can you do except watch movies?

The Andromeda Strain


Based on the novel written by Michael Crichton, this 1971 film follows a team of scientists investigating an outbreak of a deadly organism that came from outer space. This Robert Wise film it’s a good way to begin this list.

It Comes at Night


A new wave of horror movies is changing the way people approach the genre. It Comes at Night is one of the most interesting films of the last decade, and is not afraid to push the viewer’s limits. And, of course, there’s an outbreak.