People Who Are Having A Bad Day

Do you remember that catchy R.E.M song that goes It’s been a bad day. Please don’t take a picture? Well, sometimes it pays to take a picture when you’re having a bad day, if only for others (or your future self perhaps) to look at and be reminded a day can always get worse.

And trust us, the pictures you will now see show people (and sometimes four-legged friends) in such embarrassing, complicated situations you wish no one ever snaps a camera at you while coping with stuff like that.Are you ready to die from some second hand embarrassment while you pray to whatever higher power to spare you from ever finding yourself here? Read on.

Good Boy

Oh, you poor thing! Someone’s been playing outdoors when they shouldn’t have been! But how can you get mad at a face like that? Anyway, we wouldn’t want to be the ones in charge of giving that good boy a bath.

Watch Out!

Safety measures are the most important thing to remember when you get behind the wheel, but some stuff you can’t just prevent. Like a tree deciding to fall right on top of your vehicle. We hope no one got hurt when this happened.