Here’s Why Texting Your Ex May Not Be Such A Good Idea

We’ve all been there, right? Someone mentions that person we cannot get over, or maybe we see on TV or hear on the radio something that reminds us of them… and there it is! Suddenly we’re dying to text them.

Every relationship is different, and not all of them end the same. But if you and your ex have broken up, then you must have had your reasons. Sometimes going back to a place where we were unhappy or caused someone else unhappiness is not the best idea.

Take a look at these examples and decide for yourself whether it’d be in your best interest to send that text.

Thank You, Next

Ok, so you’ve done it. You’ve sent that text. Now what? Now you wait. A lot can happen. Your ex may want to see you; they may even want to talk about your relationship. But what if they reply clarifies that they’ve moved on? That must have hurt.


Speaking of moving on… some people are great at doing that. Before you know it, they’ve fallen in love with someone else and are even considering spending the rest of their lives with them. Some things are best left unknown.