Hilarious Dads That Shouldn´t Be Left Alone With Their Kids

Being a dad is difficult, specially when your wife leaves you alone with your kids. Children are small and fragile and no one teaches you how to handle them. But even though there’s no manual of parenting, there a beautiful thing called Common Sense, and these 50 dads seem to have forgotten about it.They did their best, and sometimes that is not enough. You probably won’t know whether to laugh or to feel sorry for this kids. We can only hope for a better future for them. Take a look at these dads that will teach you how not to parent. These dads were left alone with their kids and what happened is hilarious.



Being a dad sometimes means being a hairdresser. And sometimes you don’t have the skills or the tools to do it right. This guy was clever, though, let’s give him that credit.



I feel you, kid. You are me, and that door is everything I want to achieve and the crib is life, anxiety and depression. They should put some polish in that baby’s belly and kill two birds with a shot.