Hilarious Neighbours That You Wish Lived Next To You

Neighbours can be either a curse or a blessing: you can hate them and wish they moved out every day of your life or be happy because you have nice, generous people making the community a better place for all. The best ones though are those who have a good sense of humor and know exactly what to do to keep the area fun and friendly. We wish these people lived next to us: maybe we won’t be able to count on them when we need a cup of sugar lent but at least we can be certain that we would never feel bored with them next to us.

Pregnant cat


This person had just adopted a cat when the next door neighbor’s cat got her pregnant, so instead of abandoning their grandchildren, they sent out their first child support fee.



This looks like a frame for the movie Edward Scissorhands, but it’s only the magical landscape you can achieve if your neighbor forgets to turn off the sprinklers in the middle of winter.