Hilarious Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Trust People

We live in a world where trust has become something valuable simply because it’s so hard to find people to trust in. Everywhere you look, we’re all being lied to by someone. Companies lie to us, marketing lies to us, our friends and family (and even our partners!) lie to us. Should we get used to it?We need to understand that looks can be deceiving- and they don’t matter that much (unless it involves food. Size and proportions always matter when it comes to food, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise). Depending on the circumstances, sometimes what we really need is to walk away, move on. Others will tell you you should never trust anyone. With anything. Ever. Just in case you were needing a reminder, here are some reasons why you should refrain from believing in people, brands, friends, pets, and basically everything that inhabits this Earth. Enjoy!

All About That Bass


We all know that looks can be deceiving, and you shouldn’t be paying attention to what someone looks like anyway. In this particular case, the girl here has found some jean shorts that really fit her. Good for her, bad for those that like ogling.

Are You Kidding Me?


Is this for real? Do they really think we’ll buy into this whole ‘new bigger size’ thing when the bag is literally half the size it used to be? Come on, we know we’re not getting what we’re paying for, but please don’t act as if we were utter fools!