Hilarious Subway Sightings

If you commute to work or school by taking the subway, more than once you must have encountered weird characters. What would you do if you found a man in a wolf mask playing the violin? Or a man riding a fire extinguisher throughout the wagon? It would definitely be far better than those boring and awkward rides, wouldn’t it? In this list, we are going to show you fifty pictures in which the people (or things?) you can see have been photographed by regular commuters on their way to work, school or home. Take a look at this hilarious pictures and enjoy yourself!

Morning Meeting


Now, this is what we call a great use of time when out of the blue, the man in the middle takes out a little table and starts interviewing the guys around him. Good luck on the interview, fellas!

Must. Not. Touch


Welcome to the “I must touch the bubble wrap anytime I can” group, devoted to those members who can’t help but pop these tiny bubbles whenever they see them, we are in this together!