Kids’ Runaway Notes So Cute You Won’t Be Able To Be Mad At Them

Drama. Oh how we love drama. And the silliest the situation is, the more we will enjoy it. That’s just human nature, isn’t it?

Remember when you were a kid and your parents grounded you for something bad you did? What about when they forbade candy before dinner? Remember that time they told you to tidy up your room? And when they threatened you with taking away your video games? What did we all do on those occasions? That’s right: we wrote them notes and started to plan our new lives as runaways!

Needles to say, none of us got very far. Neither did these kids. But their goodbye notes are as hilarious as they are dramatic, hence it’s really fun reading them. These kids really are into blowing things out of proportion.

See You Never Again In My Life

This kid had everything planned, so much that they even told Mommy where she could find them. It doesn’t look like they were serious about never seeing their families again.

PS I Might Come Back

Good to know this kid here is keeping all their options open. If their brand new life doesn’t turn out to be everything they imagined, then you can be sure they will be back.