Kitchen Hacks That Will Make You The Macgyver Of Cooking

There’s kitchen tricks that only grandmas know. But I bet these 50 hacks that we gathered in this list will be a surprise even for granny. From keeping your fruit fresh to organize your workspace or even using TOILET PAPER for cooking, this list will change your life and make it so much easier. If you like to cook, you’ll see that there were things you were always doing wrong. If you hate cooking and you never set foot in a kitchen, maybe you’ll feel curious to try this tricks. Go ahead, thank us later. You probably never heard about these kitchen secrets that will make you an expert.



If you always wonder how on earth bacon gets evenly cooked when they do it in a Restaurant? Easy: They bake it. So next time you do some bacon try to do it on the bacon instead of the pan. Around 400 degrees should be perfect.



Cherry Tomatoes are amazing. But they are really hard to cut. If you have two plastic lids of the same size, put your tomatoes in one, facing up. Then cover them with the other lid and press slightly. Now you can grab the knife and cut them evenly.