Lazy girl cleaning tips that save you time & money

This list is for all of them, but especially for the born cleaners. Here are 20 tricks for porous cleaning.


Do you have greasy fingerprints on the walls and do you think you can get them off with painter’s work? There is also a simpler solution! Cover the stains with white chalk and the stains will disappear as soon as you wipe the chalk with a damp cloth!


Do you know these cuddly socks, which make you feel like you are a baby?

Now you are attracting these things. Walk around your house. Take them off. Congratulations, you have just wiped your apartment, just at your feet!


This kills most germs and bacteria. This only works with non-metallic sponges.


Do you know how to clean your ventilation grille without getting annoyed? A butter knife and a damp cloth will do the job best! You must admit there is no better tool for this job.


Your leather furniture also needs affection! Scratches made of leather can be easily removed with a shoe polish. Your furniture will be clean and shine as if they were new!


Did you know that mattresses must also be cleaned, regardless of how impossible it may seem! The process is simple. Fill vodka in a spray bottle and spray it over the whole mattress. So you will destroy all the evil germs that live there!


You might think that your dishwasher does not need cleaning, but you’re wrong! Let the dishwasher run occasionally with some white vinegar and then with some baking soda. Do not place any dishes in the dishwasher so that the dishwasher can be thoroughly cleaned.


Most do not clean this device, and maybe that’s because they do not know how


See below. This is how the outflow of most people looks. It’s time to clean it.First take an old toothbrush and remove the coarsest dirt from your drain. Then take lemon slices and let the water run 5-10min hot, the citric acid cleans the drain of deposits, even where you do not go.


All you need is some salt. The hot iron “polish” on the salt for a while and you have a clean ironing surface again.


“Put two caps of vanilla extract in a coffee cup, place them in the oven at 150 ° for an hour. Within 20 minutes the whole house smells like in heaven. “


So you just get between the slats.


When you clean your bathroom, fill your bath with a few centimeters of VERY HOT water from your sink.According to HGTV, “the heating of tiles and bathtub doubles the efficiency of alkaline cleaners just 10 ° above air temperature.”


Go with a lint roller over lampshades, coats and shelves to wipe and absorb the dust, so do both with a train!


Give your refrigerator (or your couch table or chest of drawers) an extravagant treatment in which you can do almost nothing. But do not sprinkle your ground, for you will probably fall down and be angry with us!


“The fats and oils in soaps create problems with the soap foam,” said Lynn Marie Bower on the Housekeeping Channel. Shower gel is technically a cleansing agent because it was specifically designed to prevent the accumulation of dirt in the shower.


If you are lucky and have a dishwasher, you can clean almost everything.


In the end, beat all the flies with one stone! 🙂