Creative Baby & Toddler Hacks That Are Seriously Life-Changing for Moms

Parenting is a magic adventure nobody is ready for. No matter how much advice you get, it’s never enough, and all the babies and families are different from each other. Having said that, and knowing that there’s no such thing as a universal rule, there are, however, some little tricks and hacks that work in most cases. A different use for everyday objects a creative way to deal with situations that are common to all of us, that piece of advice that you’d wish you’d known before, because it could have saved you time and energy.

Because we know that there’s no time for googling when a toddler is around, we collected the 50 best parenting hacks of all time. Read this list, print it, keep it at a visible spot- the fridge door, next to their adorable doodles, maybe? You never know when these can come in handy! Enjoy 🙂

A laundry basket can come handy in the bathtub


A practical way to keep your toddler safe while giving them a bath is using a laundry basket with their toys in them. This will work as a sub-bathtub for as long as they fit.

…And also as a seat!


Add some decoration -maybe a couple of plastic plates to simulate wheels?- throw their toys in and voilà! You got yourself a fun, original seat. Decorating it can also be a rainy day plan.