50 Real People Who Look Like Your Favorite Cartoons

Let’s play a game. Imagine that you have the perfect job: You are the one in charge of casting stars for a lot of upcoming Disney movies, all of them live action versions of all time classics. So you have to chose the perfect Elsa, the perfect Anna and even the perfect Simba. It is not going to be easy, but we are here to help and play with you. We thought of 50 classical Disney Characters and 50 Celebrities (and a few infiltrates) that would play them perfectly in a live action movie. Take a look, participate in the casting and have fun! These celebrities are perfect to play your favorite Disney Characters in a live action movie.



I’ve never thought about this one but it is so true. Khal Drogo is Scar’s look-a-like. They even have the same eyebrows, the same looking in their eyes and the same little beard.



And what about Elsa from Frozen and Blake Lively? This girls look so similar they even have the same side braid. I need to hear Blake singing “Let it go”