Parenting Hacks That Will Make You A Relaxed Parent.

Being a parent is hard and there is no textbook to read. You do your best and your kids will be thankful. But if you are tired and need a little help, Welcome to the Club. We have gathered the 50 most useful and surprising hacks to keep you saying “Why didn’t I think of that?”. From methods to organize your kid’s toys to ways of keeping them busy and clean. Stop worrying about everything and read this list. It will make you as relaxed as that mother in school that finds time for herself everyday. You can thank us later. Want to be a relaxed parent? This hacks are for you.



This was the most pinned parenting hack according to Pinterest. Use a command hook. Stick it in the back of your kid’s chair so you can hang bibs and even the daycare bag. The days of looking for your bibs frenetically are over.



Summer is kid’s favorite season. It means sun, and water, and… ice pops. But they can be a dripping nightmare. To avoid the mess, put a cupcake paper liner in the stick. It is also fun to custom the liners for birthdays and parties.