Times Parents Won The Trolling Game


Parents. What an odd species. They have the power over their children and they know it. They are experts at embarrassing them and know how to make a statement if they need too. But sometimes they just want to join the fun (and get back at their know-it-all kids). Technology doesn’t stop them anymore, they rule all kinds of social network. They love mocking selfies, catching their children lying on the Internet and putting them on the spot. It can seem a little cruel but we love it when they do it. It’s only fair that they get to have a blast after all the years of care, support, and understanding. Just deal with it, kids: you are under the reign of the elder and there’s nothing to do about it. It’s time for parents to shine and we are here to watch!



Just taking a nice face-mask selfie when Bam! Flashy mum called to duty. Snapchat will not know what to do with this, and neither will her daughter. She played along and posted it anyway. Congrats for that.




This is so easy it is even funnier because of it. Parents with a tight bank account have the best sense of humor. Be careful what you wish for, you might get it! Next time, better write it in a paper.