People are recreating famous book covers in their home

Sometimes, after spending a lot of time at home, you realize that you don’t have anything more to do. Streaming platforms only have limited content, you can’t clean up your rooms every day, and mobile gaming is not that fun. That’s why there are people who found something new to do these days: Recreate famous book covers.

Lil’ Smaug


The most difficult thing about recreating this cover version of The Hobbit is that you need a dragon. And, if we’re not wrong, that’s not something you can get every day. A good second option, though.

I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer.


Dune is considered one of the hardest novels to adapt to a movie. David Lynch’s 1984 version was a commercial failure, and there’s a new one directed by Denis Villeneuve is set to premiere in 2021. At least she starts by adapting the cover.