People With Such Bad Luck They Must Have Upset A Wizard



We all know that there are some things in life we have control over and other things are just a matter of good or bad luck. Sometimes luck appears in a situation, on a specific day or even in a year where you feel that you could not possibly have any more bad luck. However, sometimes other people’s jinxes are our blessings when it comes to laughing. We don’t mean to be mean, but some things when they don’t happen to you are just hilarious and we hope that with some time, these people can find their bad luck moments funny too.

Ice cream


There is nothing worse than having a long day and deciding to treat yourself with some chocolate ice cream but not getting any: this picture just breaks my heart, life is too cruel.



Anyone who has a Macbook knows that probably the main reason why we end up buying them even though they are so expensive is that they are beautiful. Well, not anymore.