Problems Only Pale People Will Understand


Pale skin. A lot of people covet that skin tone. When you see a little girl with pale skin wearing a dress you think she looks just like a china doll, she is so adorable. Adorable she may be as a little girl, that girl will grow up and will be faced with the struggles that entail having pale skin. If you ask a pale person what the best thing about being pale is, they will struggle to find an answer. But ask them what the downsides are, and you will not be able to shut them up. Here’s why.



What was the first thing you noticed about this picture? The girl in the bikini enjoying the sun, right? Well, look again. One of the problems with being pale is that people will see you only if they know to look for you.




You are really pale when placed against a dark background, your skin glows.Just look at this girl’s feet on the black sand. They are glowing so much, they look extraterrestrial.