Selfie Fails

You love taking selfies and we don’t judge. I mean, who doesn’t? There’s a few lessons you need to know to be a master of self photos. The first and most important one is: Always Always ALWAYS take a comprehensive look at you photos before uploading them. Check that your hair, makeup and outfit are ok, check that you look pretty as usual, but please, we beg you: Watch if there’s a naked person in the back, or a dog, or a horse. You can thank us later, first take a look at these 50 photos of people that forgot to double-check their selfies before posting them online. These poor people took a selfie and didn’t check the background.



Have you seen The Walking Dead? This is more like The Walking Dogs. It is super creepy but equally hilarious. I wish we could see her face when she looked at the photo.



When I was gathering these photos I could see that there’s a lot of pictures like this one. People tend to walk freely naked in dressing rooms. At least cover yourself with a towel, Mike.