Some of England’s most funny bar names

The rich cultural history of England includes highlights like William Shakespeare, several football teams, and the Beatles. But the British country it’s also known for its numerous bars and pubs, where people gather to drink a pint and watch their favorite sports team. Some of their names are a little bit too much for English-speakers from other parts of the world. Here are 12 of the weirdest.

The Dirty Duck

Cotton Town

You might try to indulge your watering hole, but should you do it in a place that promotes poor hygiene for ducks? You can do what you want, but we’re a little bit worried about this.

The Tumbledown DickĀ 


This pub’s name is a reference to Richard Cromwell, who was Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland for just nine months. It was established in 1674 but unfortunately closed in 2007, the building being demolished 9 years later.