She Leaves Her Toilet Brush In The Bowl For 10 Minutes. The Reason? Simply BRILLIANT

The fewest people are not afraid to keep the bathroom clean. Often, there is a certain reluctance to pursue this not unimportant spatial hygiene. However, there are very simple solutions that help to simplify bathing.



It is advisable to exchange toothbrushes every two to three months. If you have been ill for a while, the toothbrush should be replaced immediately. It is also advisable to pour the hot water into the toothbrush after each use. Anyone who wants to be safe can put his toothbrush in a glass with vinegar for thirty minutes.



Cleaning sponges are for their own body hygiene, but in order to eliminate bacteria in them, it is advisable to dive them regularly into a vessel with warm water, half filled with vinegar. Ten minutes the sponge should be left there.