The Best DIY Ideas For Your Bedroom

Sometimes, it is the lack of space, the lack of imagination or the lack of money which leaves us with a boring and ordinary looking bedroom. The same plain duvet, pillows, and furniture make our room look right out of a catalog. However, thanks to these 50 do-it-yourself ideas you will revamp your whole bedroom, from the uncool duvet, old-looking pillows to ordinary side tables and just boring pictures, all of them can be modified and remodeled, you just have to pay attention to the instructions and the results will blow your mind. There are also tips for making small details pop, like painting (or sticking) some decoration on your door, making the light switch cover as bright as glitter and filling your plain walls with lots of garlands –there are ones for everyone’s likes. Grab your tools and start working in your bedroom to make it worthy of you!

Door decoration


You can decorate your bedroom door by simply adding some washi tape, in the shapes you want. The pattern can be different geometric shapes stick as a guard, some dots scattered all over the surface, or can be up to what you want!

String sign


On a wood board, set lots of nails following the lines of a word or a drawing -you can print beforehand a word with the lettering you like. Once you finish, pass colored string between all the nails, the more you do it, the more definition it will end up having.

Light switch cover design


Grab a light switch cover and unscrew it from the wall. Then, pick different washi tape patterns and stick them to the surface. Later, cut the edges if they are messy. Finally, screw back the cover on the wall.

Dyed pillowcase


Choose a plain white pillowcase, fold it into different sections and secure them with elastic bands. Then, pick several colored dyes for fabric, prepare it following the instructions, and submerge the pillowcase by sections. Rinse with warm water, untie the bands and let it dry.

Photo wooden frame


Pick a wooden frame – with the pattern of the frame you like- and paint it a color you like, plain or with a certain design. Once it the paint is dry, secure a couple of pieces of thread on the back of the frame and it will be ready for you to hang your photos!

Clothespin mirror


Glue a circular cardboard to the back of a rounded-shaped mirror. Then, apply glue to clothespins and place them on the cardboard surface. After they are dry, the clothespins can be painted or not. You can put pictures, drawings or whatever you like.

Flower lights


Select different cupcake wrappers in vibrant colors and in various sizes. Flat them on a surface and cut them with flowery shapes. Finally, cut a little hole in the middle where you will place the string lights.

Pallets headboard


Start by nailing between 4 and 6 wooden pallets with each other, and secure them with universal glue. Then, paint whatever design, draw or word/phrase you wish in a vibrant color. At last, varnish it and nail the headboard above your bed.

Gallery design


Buy different sizes of plain frames that can be hung either vertically or horizontally. Search for designs, patterns or drawings and print them on ordinary paper. Glue them to a white surface, for the colors to pop, and put them on the frames.

Washi tape frames


Once you have printed the pictures you want to exhibit, apply glue on their back and place them on the wall. After the glue has dried, stick washi tapes following various geometric shapes surrounding the pictures.

Bright Mason jar


First, clean the Mason jar and let it dry completely. Then, with a tiny brush paint scattered spots with fluorescent paint –it is up to you whether to choose one or several colors. Finally, spread some glitter inside the jar and you’re done!

Napkin garland


Start by picking lots of paper napkins with cute patterns and cut them into a rounded shape. Place them following a line and add glue at the center of the napkin and attach a long string in the middle of them. Fold the napkin and hang the garland on a wall.

Ping pong light


You can begin by painting lots of ping pong balls in the colors you wish. Then, glue them to a white lampshade with a color gradient pattern. After it is dry, you can hang it to a pendant or desk light.

Flowery monogram


Cut the initial letter of your name in a piece of cardboard and paint it white. Then, after picking lots of faux flowers, cut them at their base and add some glue to it. Place them filling the letter, leaving no visible cap.

String lights on a jar


Start by buying the string lights you prefer –remember that the longer the string is, the more bright it will end up being. Then, after cleaning a mason jar, put the string lights inside them. You can put the lid of the jar on a pedestal if you wish.

Yarn letters


First, draw a letter on a piece of cardboard and cut it. Continue by covering the letter with different colors of yarn –you can choose one color or a gradient pattern. After you finish, glue the tip of the yarn on the back of the letter.

Thumbtack art


Choose a frame you like and paint it with a dark color –the darker it is, the more the thumbtacks will be visible. Then, paint a wooden surface the same color and stick it to the frame. Finally, start placing the thumbtacks in the design you like and finish by varnishing.

Revamp your fan


This works on standing or ceiling fans. Then, stick washi tape on each palette of the fan with a pattern you wish, either with a single color or with a gradient pattern. If the surface is permeable, finish by varnishing the fan’s palettes.

Yarn chandelier


Begin by blowing up balloons in different sizes, continue by brushing it with a thin layer of glue and cover the balloon with yarn. You can cover it as many times as you want. Once it is completely dry, poke it with something sharp, and hung it.

Spoon mirror


First, start by cutting plastic spoons at their base. Once you have finished, glue their opposite side to the rim of a mirror. Finally, after checking the surface is completely dry, you can spray the spoons with a paint of your choice.

Donut clock


Paint a circular shape of wood like a donut. Then, it is optional to paint the numbers of the clock. Continue by varnishing the whole surface and fixing the needles at the center.

Leather strap shelf


Begin by fixing two hooks on the wall on the same level. After that, cut two thin strips of leather and cut a hole at both ends. Insert the two ends of the leather strips on each hook and finish by placing a wooden plank.

Geometric headboard


Select various pieces of wood cut in geometric shapes and paint them with different vibrant colors. It is up to you to fix the woodcuts on a white surface or to just fix them directly on the wall. The idea is to form a rectangle like a headboard.

Pom poms garland


This is the simplest and cutest garland to make. There are only two steps to create this: first, make pom poms and tassels with different yarns in lots of colors, second and finally tie them up to a string and hang them on a wall!

Ladder side table


Pick a ladder with few steps -you can paint it in your favorite color. Then, nail wooden planks on top of the steps, varnish the whole piece of furniture and decorate it with your favorite things!

Confetti duvet


This is your chance to revamp your plain and boring duvet! Choose lots of paints fabric-friendly and draw several circles scattered throughout the duvet. Finish by painting them with various colors and voilá!

Redo your bed


Cut a rectangular piece of fabric according to the length of your bed. You can add tassels or a ribbon on the rim as you wish. Then, glue one band of Velcro to the fabric and the other on the bed base. Finish by joining both parts.

Rose lampshade


Cut various strips of fabric the same length and after wrapping them glue or sew the tip of the strip to it. You can place the roses scattered or joint together on the lampshade –as you wish. Don’t forget to varnish the surface.

Metallic headboard


Measure the size of the headboard according to the size of your bed and cut it onto a piece of wood. Then, you can stick gold, silver or copper contact paper to the surface or just paint it with regular paint –if you do, varnish the whole surface.

Flower Garland

Cut a hole at the center of different kinds of faux flowers. Then, cut off same size pieces of string –they can be a translucid or a regular string. Finally, string the flowers together and hang the garlands vertically or horizontally on a wall.

Wallpaper tape


You can let your imagination flow with this DIY idea since all you need is washi tape. You can use the same color, a gradient or another pattern you wish. The only thing you will have to do is stick the washi tape following the chosen design.

Dotted wall


You can use this either on a single accent wall or whenever you want. Draw dots on a contact paper or on grip tape and cut them off, after finishing this stick them on a wall following a design you want or just scattering them.

Bright light switch


Another way of revamping a light switch is by covering with glitter. First, unscrew it from the wall, clean it and cover it with glue. Then, spread glitter all over and varnish it to avoid the glitter peeling off.

Pompons your pillows


If you want to revamp your old pillow but don’t know how then here it is the solution! Start by doing several colored pompons with yarn. After they are finished, sew them on the rim of the pillows.

Book planters


If you happen to have old books that you don’t want to get rid of, you can turn them into planters. Rip off the cover and draw a square on the middle. Continue by cutting the square’s edges and seal the pages between them to avoid spreading soil.

Flowery mirror


Remodeling your mirror has never been so easy. Pick different kinds of faux flowers and cut them on the stem. Then add glue and place them all around the rim, continue by covering the mirror itself and spray some varnish on the flowers.

Hanging side table


To take advantage of space, drill three holes on a circular wooden plank –it can be painted or not. Cut three pieces of string the same size, put them inside the holes and knot them. Finally, knot the three strings together and hang them from the ceiling.

Patterned headboard


Buy different sheets of contact paper with several designs or patterns on them. Cut them into geometric shapes and place them on top of your bed. Stick them to the wall by alternating the patterns.

Statement wall


If you don’t feel like placing a headboard next to your bed, you can instead paint a statement wall. This DIY idea includes writing a sentence or phrase of your liking written on the wall –it can be in your own handwriting or printed.

Tote bag pillows


Take advantage of tote bags you don’t use anymore by turning them into comfortable pillows. Fill the tote bags with fleece and sew the remaining rim. It is up to you to cut the handles or keep them.

Cool clothes hanger


Make the most of your bedroom and don’t worry if you don’t have enough space for a closet. Instead, you can hang a large copper clothes hanger from the ceiling. Here you can hang as many hangers as you want.

Yarn headboard


Another DIY idea for a headboard is to sand and paint a large wooden frame –appropriate for the size of your bed. Then, add some nails on the outer surface and knot colorful yarn creating a design.

Picture headboard


You can make a handmade headboard by choosing a big picture or painting –preferably of a landscape. Finally, you can either leave the painting or divide it into two parts and fix them to the wall.

Pillow pets


First, choose a favorite photo of your pet and print it on transfer paper. Continue by ironing the transfer paper on a plain white pillowcase. Finish by filling it with fleece.

Textured pillow


Choose an old pillowcase you don’t like anymore and revamp it. Start by cutting fabric strips the same size – short strips are recommended. Continue by attaching them onto the pillowcase, either by sewing or gluing them.

Accent pillow


To add some color to your bed, try doing this accent pillow. Grab a plain white pillowcase and draw a design you want. After you have done this, cover the drawing with universal glue and spread glitter all over it.

Rope Rug


This super simple rug can be done in just 10 minutes. Start by twisting rope and hot-gluing it. Then you can alternate between an ordinary rope and colorful fabric stripes to add a pop of color. You can either make a big twisted rug or lots of circles glued with each other.

Pom pom rug


Another way of adding cozy details to your bedroom is this pompom rug. It is as easy as it looks: there are various pompoms –in different colors- sew into each other forming a big rectangular rug.

Side table with a twist


Instead of buying a regular side table, you can make one using a stool –new or old. Grab two identical stools and place one on top of the other, gluing them together. Then, you can paint the surface one color and the legs another one.

Cool organizers


You can organize clothes, accessories, and jewelry all in one place. Sand, paint and varnish a wooden plank the color you wish. Then drill two holes, one at each ending, insert a tight yarn or string and knot their extremes.