These are the most bizarre things people are selling online

Ever since people started having the possibility to sell random things online, there have been some really unexpected findings in posts on Facebook. These are some of the most hilarious and weird things people are selling, but the real question is…who is buying any of this stuff? Take a look at the strangest offers out there.

Ball and chain


I know what you are probably thinking: who could buy or have a need for an actual, antique ball and chain? Totally valid question, but to be honest, who do you think could buy something like this?

Clown collection


Honestly, this is the creepiest thing in the Internet. A huge clown collection, now with an amazing price drop of one thousand dollars for a room filled with different clowns could be a great way to keep people away.

This creation

This One Is Legit My Favorite Thing On Earth Right Now. Just That Happy Little Grin While It’s All Torn Apart On The Machine That Could Put It Back Together. It’s Irony. It’s Poetic. It’s Art... Or It’s Not. Probably Not

I can’t get over the greatness of this item. Not only is a broken doll put together with an antique sewing machine, but it is also referred to as art and it’s also over 120,200 dollars. Who has that self-esteem?


I Wonder If These Come Pre-Sticky

Honestly, you have to be something else to sell your adult collection of VHS, especially when it comes to dated technology. But it does take a lot of courage to even send an inbox asking for this. Too much on both sides.


I Kinda Like The One On The Left

I don’t even know how to start with this picture. The combination of these two creepy dolls is scary enough, but the head filled with nails is very confusing. How much do you think this runs for?

Another piece of art

This One Would Be Awesome If The Eyes Were Leds And It Lit Up At Night

Ok, someone has to help me with this. It’s probably a creation of the same owner of the other doll art, but what is the use? Is this a decoration that I’m not getting? A lamp? A toy? A nightmare?


You Guys Wanna Listen To Some Toons? Just Let Me Whip Out My Box Of Corn Niblets

There are collectors of advertising units that used to come as promotions or with the purchase of a promotional products. However, Green Giant at one point had a radio for no reason and someone kept it all this time.


Took Me Three Hours To Do The Shading On The Upper Lip

This kind of reminds me of that woman who tried to fix the oil painting of Jesus and became viral. This picture of Benjamin Franklin is at the very least, totally creative. For patriots only.

Doll world

Wide, Child Bearing Hips. Some People Find That Sexy

Honestly, whoever is making these dolls from hell is someone we all should meet. The fact that the prize is so completely unreasonable makes this a genius, rebellious act. Would someone buy this doll?


Let’s Face It, You’re Buying A Book With A Sprinkle Of Barbie All Over It. Delicious

Is anyone else thinking of that Friends episode where Phoebe stucks Monica and Rachel with the paintings of Glynnis and Gladys? Honestly, this is the weirdest thing ever. I think I’ll pass on this purchase.

That face

This One’s Face Looks Like How I Feel

I can imagine the massacre of dolls that these people are doing to make these creations come alive. This mix of a polaroid camera and an angry baby doll is everything you need to make your house a cooler place.

Viva Las Vegas

I Wonder If Coins Come Out Of Her Slot?

I know that Las Vegas has a reputation of being just too much, but this decorative item is really not helping in making the city look wholesome. I mean, if it’s everything like this, I’d rather go to Atlantic City.