These are the most hilarious boyfriends of all time

Love is something wonderful. However, most relationships go sour in time because people tend to lose their sense of humor and the ability to surprise one another. Luckily, these husbands and boyfriends are way ahead of the game and came up with hilarious gestures for their ladies to keep the spark (and the laughs) going.

Sexy pics


Daily chores can be very far from something exciting in relationships, but this guy decided to keep his charm going to send pictures of him doing things around the house that when we think of it, it is kind of romantic.

Wedding pictures


Creating memorable pictures for a wedding is no joke: most couples cherish that time and want to keep beautiful images around forever. This recent husband decided to make his mark and get a very unusual portrait of their new life together.

Party Dog


When this guy was left alone with the dog, he decided that it was the perfect opportunity to stage a very crazy night for the pet and send it to his traveling wife, so she could know how things were going at home.

Bed Frame

Husband Said He Was Going To Make A Bed Frame. I Thought It Was For Our New Mattress. It Was For The Cat

When this guy told his wife that he would be making a new bed frame, she obviously imagined he was talking about an actual bed for their bedroom, but he had other plans in mind. Apparently, the cat needs to be well rested.

Holiday Spirit

My Aunt Had Been Complaining They Hadn't Been "Festive" Enough. I Present To You My Uncle's Masterpiece

Holiday decorations are a big deal in a lot of cities, and people in neighborhoods even compete to see which house has the most original set of lights. This husband really went all in for creativity points with his vision.

Watching the baby

He Finally Fell Asleep When My Wife Asked For A Picture And I Wanted To Let Her Know What Hes Been Like Until Then

Husbands who are also fathers have a lot of opportunities to prove themselves to be accountable and responsible, but they also have a lot of chances to make hilarious photos like this one. Honey, I meme’d the kids.


20 приколов от мужской части семьи, чтобы женская и не думала ...

This is hilarious but it is also very sweet and thoughtful. Since this guy and his girlfriend met on Tinder, he decided to have their first conversation on the platform printed on a blanket for their first anniversary together.

Getting along

My Boyfriend And My Cat Have A Special Bond. I Feel Like The Third Wheel

Many pet owners fear that by the time they meet their significant other, he might not get along so well with the rest of the family. This guy not only bonded with the cat, but also decided to create a little photoshoot of the two of them.

Good effort

When you have candles, but not the "right" ones for your wife's ...

This man wanted to make something special for his wife’s 39th birthday but realized he didn’t have the right numbers on the candles to put on top of it. Instead of running to the store, he decided to test her math skills with an equation.

The truck

Подборка фото мужей и парней, у которых хорошее чувство умора ...

When his wife forgot to leave the car seat for the kids to take their child to the sitter’s house, she wondered how he was going to take him. He sent this hilarious picture and then turned off his phone to create an amazing prank.

Beach day

Bármit is látsz, ne lepődj meg - Toochee

A lot of women would agree that a great and very effective way to know how a guy might behave as a parent is to see how he gets around pets. If this guy will be anything like it with a child, maybe they should wait a few more years.


After spending ten minutes trying to capture the perfect, sexy Instagram picture of his wife during a vacation, this guy decided to ask her to return the favor. Maybe seeing him like this will make her think twice on her future social media posts.