These are the most random advertised products on Wish

You probably have seen Wish ads flying around the Internet, trying to sell you products you never thought actually existed and of course, you will never really need. People on the internet have been gathering the strangest, most random products that this website offers and it’s too funny to be real.


A Flat Dog. Cool

I can’t think of anyone I know who would be remotely interested in buying a flat dog shaped piece of fur to put on their couch. There is really no use for something like this and it’s kind of creepy.

Tanning bed

Home MRI? Mini Tanning Bed? Blinding Device?

It looks like a tiny MRI machine that you can get studied in, but this is, in fact, a mini home tanning bed. Can you imagine how many times you have to use this to create a full-body tan?


Ok So... Are These Tattoo Cover Sleaves? Why Are They On A Cyborg Arm? Are These For Prosthetics? Who's Prosthetics Look Like Edward Elric's??

When you first look at the ad, it looks as if they are trying to sell a robotic arm, but it’s the sleeves that are actually for sale. Apparently you can use them to cover your arm tattoos.

One dollar

What On Earth Is $1 In This Picture. Is It The Strap?

Whoever is in charge of making these ads doesn’t know the first rule of advertising: you have to be clear about what you are selling. What is a dollar? The camera? The strap on the camera? The clear nail polish?



Going to the dentist can be very painful and expensive, but I don’t think that’s reason enough to buy a set of teeth for two dollars on Wish and try a DIY experiment at home. Not cool.



If something is not broken, you shouldn’t try to fix it. What is so terribly wrong with usual, regular socks? Do we really need freedom of movement in each toe? They also look quite uncomfortable.

Ear covers

Why Are These Tiny Blue Plastic Shoes On This Person's Ear? What Does It Do? Why Do Ears Need Tiny Covers?

I can’t think of a single situation in life where it would come in handy to have ear covers that look like tiny shoes. These don’t look sound proofed, so I really don’t get the point of this.

No more snoring

Anti Snoring Device? Chin Shaper? Sleep Talking Nullifier?

These anti-snoring devices look more like something you would put on to wrestle than something you would use when you are sleeping. Is this even medically checked? Do you think this could really prevent you from snoring?


Pills? Expandable Towels? Bullet Wound Packing?

Nothing will ever be as shady as this ad that shows a bag filled with unmarked pills for a dollar. I really want to think that they are trying to sell the plastic bag, but isn’t it way too expensive to pay a dollar for a single plastic bag?

Hearing aid

Are These Hearing Aids? Why The Colored Pins? Who Wants Pins Sticking Out Their Ear?

If your hearing is not the best and you need an aid device, you don’t have to settle for a plain one that is no fun: these have pins, colors and are the ugliest things on Earth. Oh, and they are 32 dollars, by the way.


I Know These Are Shoes. But Wow They Are Ugly

Style is a very particular thing and we can all like different types of clothes and apparel. However, is there anyone in the world who would find these weird shoes cool? And would pay 22 dollars for them? I can’t imagine.

Fish tank accessory

So Obviously Is Goes In A Fish Tank... But Why?

According to the picture in the ad, this is an accessory that you are supposed to put in your fish tank, but it never says what it’s supposed to do. Is it decoration? Is it good for the fish? Is it worthy at all?